Like a Fire Burning Bright

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Air Date

February 18, 2017



Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

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Like a Fire Burning Bright is the seventh episode of Ao no Exorcist's second season anime.


Yukio is skeptical of whether or not Rin's flames would effect The Impure King and does not want his brother to be an exorcism target. Shura, on the other hand, is keen on allowing Rin make his own decisions.

Rin finds himself unable to draw his sword, Shura points out he must be scared that he will lose control. Mephisto appears to take Rin into custody as he has been sentenced to death. Mephisto leaves after gifting Shura some equipment. Yukio collects himself, not acknowledging the fate that awaits his brother and begins preparations for battling the Impure King.

Mamushi and Juzo return, Mamushi begs everyone to subdue the Impure King. Yaozo orders all forces to do so. Shura informs the Exwires Rin has been sentenced to death. She then gives Kurikara to Ryuji. Shura asks the students to help Rin escape the prison Mephisto put him in so they can defeat the Impure King.

The gear created by Mephisto allows the students to become invisible. The prison holding Rin freezes anyone approaching with hostile intent, leaving Shiemi as the only one that can move freely. Shiemi enters in attempts to help Rin escape, but finds him in a state of believing he is better off dead. She feels guilty that she hadn't taken the time to think how Rin may feel and hugs him, apologizing. Rin is shocked she isn't afraid of him. Rin and Shiemi escape Mephisto's prison.

Ryuji tells Rin he was right all along. He confesses that he was mad at Rin for never in confiding in them and carrying the burden of being Satan's son alone.

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