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February 24th

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True Cross Order




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Arthur A. Angel

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Chapter 38

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Episode 38

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Blue Exorcist: DAMNED CHORD

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Tomokazu Seki

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Sean Chiplock

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Lewin Light (ルーイン・ライト Rūin Raito), who also goes by the name Lightning (ライトニング Raitoningu), is an Arc Knight and an Exorcist of the True Cross Order.[3] He is the traveling companion[1] and right-hand man of Arthur A. Angel, which makes him ranked second in the True Cross Order.[4]


Lewin appears as a youthful, rather well-built, slightly unshaven man with medium-length dark hair which obscures the majority of his blue eyes; atop his head Lewin wears a safari hat, aiding in the obscuring of his eyes,[5] which, when seen, are wide with slit pupils.[6]

Lewin's usual clothing consists of a light-colored, collared shirt, a black Exorcist jacket, short, black lace-up boots, gray socks and black capris pants. When in the desert with Arthur, Lewin wore a light-colored poncho and a fringed, dark scarf, as well as a pair of goggles to deal with the sandy climate.[5] Alternatively, Lewin has also been seen wearing a pair of light shorts in the place of his black capris pants.[7]


Lewin comes off as a very calm, level-headed individual; in the face of danger or in a situation worthy of great amounts of stress, Lewin keeps a small smirk etched upon his face. To go hand-in-hand with his light demeanor, Lewin also has a habit of sarcastically speaking down to Arthur, though this may be his way of making Arthur do the physical work that he does not wish to do.[8] However, in spite of this, Lewin does have his own moral code and despises people who pretend to be what they are not.[7]

However, contrary to his appearance and light-heartedness, Lewin possesses a vast wealth of knowledge, having been able to give a brief rundown of the Impure Princess immediately upon seeing it.[9] He is also very perceptive, having been the only one able to identify the mysterious portal in Russia as being an artificial Gehenna Gate,[10] as well as quickly deducing that their enemy was the Illuminati.[11]

Lewin is also very lazy and messy, even getting Rin and Ryuji to clean up his own mess.

He reveals that he doesn't experience empathy towards people, and has always lacked the ability since he was born.


True Cross Academy Festival arc[]

Arthur and Lewin arrive in Yemen

Lewin and Arthur arrive in Yemen

Accompanying Arthur to the deserts of Yemen to exorcise a Demon, Lewin sarcastically praises the man for his "brightness", claiming that his personality blinds him; he is retorted to sarcastically, with Arthur telling him that he, too, can "shine" like he does, though Lewin states that he doesn't particularly want to. Walking forward, Lewin sees the Impure Princess, one of the kin of Astaroth, and explains that during Medieval times, the Princess ravaged the lands and that as such, its heart was cut into two pieces and was hidden in Yemen. Lewin is then told, by one of the men who summoned both him and Arthur, that the two halves were stolen and eaten by a lone woman, something which he finds similar to the recent revival of the Impure King in Japan. Happily noting that the two cases seem to be related, Lewin is told by Arthur that he, alone, will deal with the Impure Princess, prompting Lewin to ask if he truly cares for his life that much. The man is then asked by his companion if he heard of who defeated the Impure King, who he reveals was Rin Okumura, something which Arthur expresses his disgust upon. With Arthur stating that he must show the world the power of the Paladin, Lewin, once again, sarcastically remarks upon Arthur's strong sense of duty, telling the man to pay no attention to him and go about his duties.[12]

Lewin watches Angel destroy the Impure Princess

Lewin watches Arthur destroy the Impure Princess

Just a moment later, when Arthur defeats the Impure Princess, Lewin remarks upon the man's strength, noting that it took 200 people to defeat the Impure King in Japan, though his gaze is quickly averted to a burning mass that comes flying out of the corpse of the Demon; Lewin jumps off of the sand dune he is resting upon and heads towards the body. Upon reaching her, the woman who swallowed the heart of the Impure Princess reveals that she completely bonded with the Impure Princess before exploding due to her inability to control the Princess, leaving Lewin speechless, though she tells them that the day where everything is harmonious and everyone is enlightened draws near. Losing his goofy persona, Lewin quickly turns to Arthur and tells the man that they must report their finding to the Vatican immediately.[13]

The two eventually make their way to the Vatican where they report their findings, with Lewin voicing the similarities between the cases of the mysterious woman and Saburota Todo: they both ate Demons with high power in breeding cells; Lewin suggests that they keep watch on the high-class Demons with immortality and eternal youth, as well as the attribute of Rot. He then continues on by recounting the final words of the woman who ate the Impure Princess, all before stating that they, the Demon Eaters, may be planning for such a day. Then, when the Vatican decides that Rin's execution is to be put on hold, Lewin devilishly grins.[14]

Lewin states that the Gate is artificial

Lewin states that the Gehenna Gate is artificial

Sometime later, in Russia, as Arthur battles a group of Demons, Lewin inspects a mysterious machine, stating that the plant's original purpose was for testing the acceleration machine; above all this he is yelled at by Arthur for neglecting his work. At that moment, however Shura appears before Lewin and asks that he come inspect something that appears to be rather dangerous. Upon reaching the mysterious something, a black portal, over Arthur's gasps of disgust, Lewin exclaims his utter interest in the object, explaining to all those present that it is the Gehenna Gate.[15] Upon hearing Arthur's confusion, Lewin amends his statement, explaining that the Gate they are seeing has been artificially created, though he notes that for them to continue staying where they are is dangerous, as the number of Demons is increasing exponentially. Furthermore, Lewin tells the Exorcists that it is impossible for them to close the Gehenna Gate and that they should leave it to specialists.[16]

Mephisto states that the Gate cannot be closed

Lewin learns that the Gate cannot be closed

Smirking at Arthur, Lewin notes that although he may not want to, he will need to enlist the help of Mephisto; Arthur demands that he and his squad retreat. While running away, Lewin remarks on the technology used to create the Gehenna Gate, stating the he didn't believe that they could create something such as that in this day and age. However, Lewin does take pride in the fact that he now realizes who their enemy is.[17] Later, Lewin is present when Mephisto arrives and makes fun of Arthur for not facing the Honorary Knight, calling him "shy", which sends Arthur spiraling into a rage. However, the light mood is dampened by Mephisto's news that even he cannot close the Gehenna Gate now that it is opened and that it will, slowly but surely, completely open and make its way into Assiah.[18]

Shortly thereafter, Mephisto manages to temporarily stop the time flowing around the Gehenna Gate, and upon hearing the man state that they need to identify their enemy, Lewin laughs, stating that only one organization has the funds and technology to create something as powerful as the artificial Gehenna Gate: the Illuminati.[19]

Lewin explains Yukio's safeguard

Lewin explains Yukio's safeguard

Sometime later, Lewin, alongside the Grigori and Arthur, sits before Yukio Okumura as he gives details regarding Saburota Todo, wherein he asks the young man what the former Exorcist was like from Yukio's perspective. Upon hearing the young Exorcist's subjective view of Todo, Lewin smiles and declares that he has no further questions and that if no others do either, then Yukio's presence at the meeting no longer serves any purpose.[20] As soon as Yukio leaves, Arthur reveals that Yukio's signing of the Morinas Contract was Lewin's idea, and hearing Shura insult Arthur, Lewin laughs, stating that the way they were talking, one would not think that she is addressing her superior. Lewin, however, is quickly brought under fire by Shura as well for being Arthur's "schemer", though he explains that he simply wanted to "protect" Yukio from the Illuminati by setting up a safeguard.[21]

Upon stating this, Lewin breaks the light-hearted mood by telling all those present that the Illuminati has spies within the Order: two in the Vatican and one in the Japan Branch, though Lewin quickly mentions that he only knows the number of people involved from a valid intelligence source. He then bears witness to Arthur commanding Shura to uncover the identity of the Japan Branch spy.[22]

Lewin takes the spy's family hostage

Lewin takes the spy's family hostage

Awhile later, in an underground prison, Lewin stands beside Arthur as the two interrogate the Illuminati's Vatican spy, claiming that people like the spy are ones that he cannot forgive.[7] After Arthur brutalizes the spy, Lewin asks Arthur to tell him the truth about the spy before he dies as a mere stress reliever; Arthur hypothesizes that there is another spy roaming about. At that very moment, however, Lewin, Arthur, and the other Exorcists realize that they have been trapped in the underground prison, with Lewin in particular noting that the Illuminati must be planning something that they do not want them to interfere with. When the spy tells Lewin that they are to "stay put" until the event ends smoothly, Lewin sarcastically remarks that he would oblige, but that they, the Exorcists, love to get involved in events. With that, the doors swing open and Lewin reveals that he planned for such an occasion, having taken the spy's family as hostage. Crouching down, Lewin tells him that they are only getting started and that his task has ended in failure, all before asking him if he could tell them what the coming event is going to be, earning him a remark from the wounded spy. Noting that his attitude is not polite, Lewin tells him that he is going to have to "ask" his wife and son what they know, and upon hearing his pleas for him not to, Lewin demands that the man stop acting tough and just accept that they are both the fiends. Looking at the group of Exorcists holding the spy's family hostage, Lewin asks them to start, causing the man to crack and reveal that within the hour, they are kidnapping a girl hiding within the Japanese Branch of the Order as she is important for the Illuminati's project.[23]

With the true current objective of the Illuminati revealed, Lewin waits to be transported to Japan, but before the doors can open a Seraphim, the kin of the King of Light, appears before them.[24] Lewin then listens as the voice of Lucifer speaks through his familiar, apologizing for his rude way of delivering his message, something which he recognizes. Lewin then hypothesizes that around the world more Seraphims have appeared, even perhaps before the Grigori, something which unnerves Arthur.[25]

Exorcist Exam arc[]

Just as the Hobgoblins attack at Mephisto's Assembly, Lewin Light arrives. He raises his hand and summons his familiar, the kin to the Upper-Level Air Demon, Furfur. After he exorcises them, he states that he will be in charge of Kirigakure's class for now on, and tells everybody to get along. Immediately after, he begins his first lesson with asking Rin what the Magic Circle for summoning demons was; after drawing it. He gets it wrong, of course, and Lewin corrects him, saying however that he was close (though Rin points out he really was not). He tells the students they need to get along with demons.

After, it seems the class ends. Before Bon and Rin can leave, Lewin asks for some help to unpack some things. They enter Lewin's junk room, which is extremely messy and smells horrible; which Rin points out. Lewin states that he does not smell anything. So, he lights a lighter and little Sylphs emerge and clear the air and make it fresh. Bon asks how he did it without the chants, and asks if he has studied the Demonic Element Chart; he also adds that air gets along with fire and water.

After giving Rin and Bon something to do, one of the Sylphs cuts Rin, which causes Lewin to exorcise them by only saying the word "vanish", to Bon's amazement. Lewin then continues to compliment Bon, but Bon states that he is no good in a battle but is good at memorizing, with which Lewin does not agree. Bon then says that he has no reason to be an exorcist anymore since his ambition is taking too long and that he has to find a new ambition. Lewin laughs at his struggle, and Bon yells that ambition is the power that drives one forward, and asks Lewin why he became an exorcist.

After a few small jokes, Lewin simply states that he loves this world and that is all there is to it. Bon then drops to his knees and asks if he can be Lewin's disciple.

Aomori Hachirotaro arc[]

Lewin is seen talking to Shura. Lewin takes Bon to the underground library to help him investigate the Illuminati. Lewin takes Bon to the southern cross boys monastery to interrogate Mr. Misumi who reveals he was in section 13 before he dies. Lewin breaks a door where mephisto is taking a bath to accuse him of making a molinas contract and to get answers to what is section 13 and why are they researching the elixir. Mephisto tells him you should let the hand grasp the key. Lewin takes Bon to explore cram school. Lewin and Bon run into Igor in the abandoned cram school.

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Of One Cloth arc[]

Meister & Abilities[]

As the second-ranked member of the True Cross Order[4] and an Arc Knight, as well as a former candidate for Paladin,[20] Lewin is presumed to be quite powerful, though the full extent of his physical abilities are currently unknown.


Lewin's primary abilities in combat seem to revolve around his use of familiars. He is able to summon multiple powerful demons affiliated with Azazel, the King of Spirits, including Indra and Vayu, the most powerful kin of his kin.

Lewin can summon an upper-level Air Demon, Furfur, which can generate and manipulate electricity to attack multiple targets.[26]

He is also able to summon Sylphs with only a lighter, and to exorcise them with a single word.[27]

  • Sylph Bell (氣精 (シルフ) の鐘 Shirufu no Suzu): After reciting, "Marker Embryo" (マーカ エンブリオ Māka Enburio), Lewin summons a Sylph and has it mark a target with a bell, which allows him to sense the target's relative location.[28]
  • Circular Saw (サーキュラソー Sākyura Sō): Lewin summons a Sylph, who rapidly spins above his fingers, creating a saw blade.[29]


Despite never seen using his abilities in a battle situation, Lewin is well-known for his mastery of chants.[4] He is seen to simplify his chants, most often by speaking the first few words of a verse, then saying "...and the rest is omitted" before the effects take place. It is currently not known how or why his simplification of chants is just as effective as reciting full verses.


  • From Volume 11 Bonus:
    • He hates baths so he often goes a week without one.
    • He does not like to clean.
    • His favorite pastime is researching demons.
    • His average hours of sleep per night is 8.
    • His favorite foods are hamburgers and French fries.
    • His favorite type of girl is those with big butts.


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