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大王烏賊 (クラーケン)



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Kin Egyn
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Chapter 35

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Episode 11

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Krakens (大王烏賊 (クラーケン)  Kurāken) are a type Demon that takes the form of a giant squid. It is classified as kin of Egyn.


Massive Demons of the sea, Krakens have been shown to be both antagonistic and benign. They can be warded off by the presence of Sea Gods.[1] Their fatal verse is believed to be the Letter to the Ephesians, Chapter One, Verse Eighteen.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Mimicry Spit (璣態吐き Kitai Haki): When injured, Krakens can release a form of vapor from their bodies which create physical duplicates of themselves. Unlike the Fungus Demon, where each new copy is its own entity, all of the Kraken's duplicates are linked to the original and will vanish if its glabella is struck.[3]

Ink Production: Like a normal squid, Krakens can produce ink, but unlike normal squid, they produce it in such vast quantities as to make the surrounding ocean turn black.[2]

Immense Strength: Krakens possess enough physical power to crush metal ships.[4]


  • The Kraken is a legendary sea monster said to live off the coast of Norway and Greenland.


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