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Konekomaru Miwa

三輪 子猫丸


Miwa Konekomaru




Male Male




155 cm (5'1")


43 kg (95 lbs.)


January 7th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

True Cross Order
Myōō Dharani



Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

Exorcist Information




Personal Status



Nekosuke Miwa (Father, Deceased)
Yoshi Miwa (Mother, Deceased)

Manga Debut

Chapter 2

Anime Debut

Episode 3

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Japanese Voice

Yūki Kaji
Kotori Koiwai (child)

English Voice

Mona Marshall

Konekomaru Miwa Images

Konekomaru Miwa (三輪 子猫丸 Miwa Konekomaru) hails from Kyoto along with Ryuji Suguro and Renzo Shima and is an Exwire of the True Cross Order, a student of the Exorcist Cram School, and the surviving head of the Miwa family.


Konekomaru has a buzzcut and pale skin. Two of his defining traits are his red glasses and large ears. He is also one of the shortest characters in the series, with people like Rin Okumura and Ryuji Suguro towering over him. In fact, he is so small that the sleeves on the regular-sized school sports jacket are too long for him and must be rolled up or pushed back in order to keep them from covering his hands.


Konekomaru seems to be very protective of the people who raised him, and watches out for people who may try to hurt his friends and family. Konekomaru is also seen to be somewhat of a peace-maker as he is always trying to keep Ryuji Suguro from getting into fights. Sometime during his childhood, he grew a respected view of Ryuji Suguro and wishes not to hurt or upset him. Like Shima, he calls him "Bon" out of respect, despite how close the two of them are. He is also usually the one to reprimand Shima, though quietly, about his (Shima's) perverted habits.

Although he is polite and kind to everyone, Konekomaru holds a bitter hatred towards Satan due to him causing the death of his family. It gets to the point that he stopped liking Rin for a period after learning he was Satan's son, though he eventually got passed this and the two became friends again.

He is also seen to have somewhat of a blunt side to his personality. When Shima proclaims "I will die" ( Ojo Shimasu) when told to cross the river of bugs with Shiemi's thighs around his head, Konekomaru merely replies that dying might purify him of his evil desires.[1] Also, when Ryuji attempts to apologize for his actions during the forest mission, Konekomaru states that Ryuji's impudence endangers them all.


Both of Konekomaru's parents died during the Blue Night. Because of this, and him being the only known member in his family, he has been left as the head of the Miwa family. Like Renzo Shima, he was once a pupil of Tatsuma Suguro and is now Ryuji's friend. It is known that he, Ryuji, and Renzo have all been friends since they were children.


Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc


Konekomaru with Ryuji and Renzo.

Konekomaru, along with Ryuji and Renzo, appears as one of the students Rin sees when he first enters the cram-school classroom. He is seen again reading a book next to Ryuji and helping Renzo hold Ryuji back when he is trying to pick a fight with Rin in class. He is seen later on with Renzo and Ryuji and comments on how likes repel in Ryuji and Rin's case since they argue so much yet they have so much in common. He once again helps Renzo hold Ryuji back when he tries to fight Rin during their P.E. class. He tells Renzo not to laugh at Ryuji because of his ambition to defeat Satan due to Satan destroying their temple, and explains to Rin about the Blue Night.

He tries to tell Ryuji not to go down into the Reaper pen, but is ignored. Watching Rin and Ryuji argue, this time over a sandwich. He explains what a Meister is and that his, Renzo's, and Ryuji's ambitions are to become Arias. Ryuji yells at him for telling Rin, causing Rin to repeat the name, now thinking of cats due to Konekomaru's nickname that Ryuji uses (Neko-chan). Ryuji then gets extremely annoyed at both of them and asks when they had gotten so friendly when Rin puts an arm round Konekomaru's shoulders as a friendly gesture. Konekomaru also receives the Bariyon punishment like the rest of the class and is seen praying with his head down. When the lights go out, he manages to get the Demon off of his legs and then tries to help Ryuji when defeating the Naberius. He chants the first 10 chapters from the Book of John while Ryuji chants the last 11. He is the one who guesses that Yamada was actually just Shura Kirigakure in disguise due to the boys' uniform pants she was wearing.

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

During the Exorcist summer forest training, he compliments Rin's cooking abilities. He is later seen running into the forest for the three-day lantern hunting race. He repels the Chuchi by chanting verses from the bible and is the first one of the Exorcists to discover not only the first lantern but also that the training was designed to bring them together, not push them apart. With amazing on-the-spot planning, he devises the 'Konekomaru Formation' in order for them to carry the lantern back to their camp. He repels the moths with Shima while they run through the forest. When they come to the river filled with giant Demon worms, he tells everyone what Ryuji Suguro's drawings mean to relate the plan to them. When Shima refuses to carry Shiemi across the river, Konekomaru replies that dying may purify him of evil desires, prompting Renzo to call him mean.


When Konekomaru was sealing the lantern.

When Rin lures the Peg Lantern across the river, Konekomaru waits on the other side and seals the lantern once it crosses the river. When trying to get Shiemi back from Amaimon later on, he tries to shoot Demon-repelling fireworks at Amaimon. One hits Amaimon's hair spike, causing it to puff up like a head of broccoli. This causes Amaimon to become angry and attack Shima, who laughed. Konekomaru gets in the way of Amaimon when Ryuji Suguro is about to get attacked. Amaimon flicks Konekomaru, breaking his arm easily.

Anime-Exclusive arc

Kyoto Impure King arc

Konekomaru is seen with his classmates Renzo and Ryuji.

Terror of the Kraken arc

Konekomaru is seen with the group when they are on the beach trying to have fun and relax.

Academy Seven Wonders arc

Shimane Illuminati arc

Exorcist Exam arc

Aomori Hachirotaro arc

Blue Night Investigation arc

Blue Night Remembrance arc

Of One Cloth arc

Powers & Abilities


Konekomaru prayer

Konekomaru praying.

Konekomaru is training to become an Aria, implying that he knows a good deal about scripture and Fatal Verses. He is able to perfectly recite the first ten books of the Gospel of John in battle. During the resurrection of the Impure King, he chants sutras to augment the flames in Renzo's K'rik.[2] In the anime, he is also shown to erect a barrier, along with Shima, against the flames of Satan.


He is able to work very well and create efficient strategies with little time and under a lot of pressure, as shown different times in the series.

He formulates the 'Konekomaru Formation' to carry the Peg Lantern back to their camp during the training camp. This plan makes use of the talents of each of the people present at the time and is created on the fly.[3] It not only works out perfectly but also gets them back to camp before the sun rises on the first day.[4] Also, during the anime filler, when the Demons are attacking the True Cross Branch, Konekomaru comes up with an idea of bringing sunlight from Vatican City to the Japan Branch via mirrors.

During their test in the Hall of Portraits, he demonstrates his capability as a leader. After pinpointing each of his teammates' weaknesses and fears, he manages to solve the puzzle of the "Family Portrait" leading to its defeat. Even before Rin slices up one of the portraits, he removes his glasses to avoid falling under an illusion of sorts, which turns out to be a right decision, demonstrating his intellectual perception.


  • He hates to be cold.
  • He drinks a lot of milk, but he never gets any taller.
  • His pastimes and talents are writing out sutras, touch typing, drinking hot milk every day, long baths.
  • He spend his days off: In winter, copying out sutras or surfing the internet while sitting at the kotatsu.
  • His average bath time is 1.5 hours.
  • His favorite words are: "Cats curl up under the kotatsu".
  • He enjoys listening to sutra recitations and sermons.
  • He is ranked third on Rin Okumura's "cool guys according to me" list, right under Ryuji Suguro, and just above Rin himself.
  • According to Renzo in the OVA, Konekomaru is a cat lover who plays with every cat he meets, and carries a cat-toy with him everywhere he goes for that purpose.


  • (To Renzo Shima) "Shima-san! Why...why are you opening your heart to Okumura-kun?! Juzo-san and Kinzo-san don't know a thing, and yet you're acting like you two are best pals. What are you gonna do when... when they find out that Okumura-kun is the son of Satan!?"[5]
  • (To Rin Okumura) "I... I have nothing! As you can see... I have neither parents nor relatives. The Myou Dha people even took care of a person like me... I want to repay that debt one day. That's why I want to work for Myou Dha in the future! Myou Dha is the only place I can be... Anyone who threatens to destroy it... are enemies to me!"[6]


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