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A K'rik (キリク(錫杖) Kiriku) or Khakkhara, is a type of Buddhist staff.


A K’rik is a bronze staff with a ring at the top. There are a number of other rings around this top ring.


Originally intended as a ritualistic device, it has been known to be used as a weapon in a pinch. The members of the Myōō Dharani tend to use K’rik’s quite often.[1][2]


  • Flame Emitting Meditation: The technique is able to burn away and purify anything in the material world. After chanting the required mantra and sutra, the user channels and concentrates fire into a sphere at the end of their weapon and hurls it at the target.[3]
  • Flame-Tipped Vajra Spear: The user creates a spear tip made of fire on top of their K'rik. This flame is normally channelled from a familiar, allowing this technique to take on various properties depending on the power of the familiar.
  • Go, K'rik: The user performs a chant and hand signs while their support throws the K'rik. From there, the K'rik flies through the air, twisting on an impossible path in an attempt to strike its target.[4] This technique can be performed alone, but it results in it taking longer to prepare.[5]
  • Ground Crawling Flames: The user places the point of their K'rik on the ground and channels flames through the ground. When they reach the target, they erupt, lifting the victim into the air and burning them with Black Flames.[6]
  • Killing Fire Wheel: The user swings their K'rik, releasing one or several spinning fire disks at their target.


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