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Itteki no Eikyō (Single)

Itteki no Eikyō (Single)

Title Itteki no Eikyō
Kanji 一滴の影響
Release Date February 1, 2017

Itteki no Eikyō (一滴の影響) is a single release by UVERworld containing the 3rd opening theme of the Blue Exorcist anime series. It was released in 3 editions: a Limited Edition with a live DVD, an Anime Edition with a Blue Exorcist-themed digipak, and a Regular Edition.

The Anime Edition includes the other two theme songs that UVERworld has performed for Blue Exorcist prior to this single's release, CORE PRIDE (the first opening theme for the anime) and REVERSI (the theme song for Blue Exorcist: The Movie), as well as the short version of Itteki no Eikyō that was used in the opening credits video for the Second Season: Kyoto Saga. The short version was available to download digitally on January 11th, 2017.

Anime Edition Information[]

Record Label
gr8! records / Sony Music Records Inc.
Catalog Code
Anime Edition Tracklist
  1. 一滴の影響 Itteki no Eikyō
  2. エミュー Emyu
  5. 一滴の影響 (short ver.) Itteki no Eikyō (short ver.)


  • Itteki no Eikyō is the 2nd opening theme song and the 3rd theme song overall that UVERworld has contributed to the anime series.
  • The 2nd track on the single, Emu, titled as "Emyu" in Katakana (エミュー), was used as an insert song for the Japanese film entitled "Shinjuku Swan II".
  • Itteki no Eikyō is UVERworld's 30th single in their discography.
  • The single reached #2 on the Oricon Singles charts in its debut week, selling 47,631 units for the week of January 30th to February 5th, 2017.
  • The single is UVERworld's 27th consecutive single ranked in the chart's top 10, and the band's 29th overall single ranked in the top 10.

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