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Toxic Miasma

Kin Astaroth
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Chapter 38

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Episode 38

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The Impure Princess (不浄姫 Fujōki) is a High Class Demon of the Impure tribes and kin of Astaroth, King of Rot. It is also related to the Impure King.


A survivor of the Impure tribes, the Impure Princess was known to have raged during Medieval Times before it was defeated. Its heart was cut in half and sealed in Yemen.[1]

The Impure Princess appears as a massive creature made of some form of fungus like growth. Its base appears as a building, heavily reminiscent of a temple or a castle with four spires rising sharply at each corner. At the center of the temple, a giant figure, taller than the spires stands. This figure appears almost human, standing with a slight bend at what would be the hips, with arms folded across its chest and head pointed towards the sky. Its face consists of three distinct ridges containing eyes and a mouth that spews vapor, but no distinct nose or ears.[2]


True Cross Academy Festival arc[]

A lone woman, later revealed to be an agent of the Illuminati, attacks the place where the Impure Princess is sealed and consumes both halves of its heart, which had been sealed. Becoming one with the creature, she is now the catalyst for its revival. After being fully revived, it spreads miasma across the surrounding area; a man who could see the Demon made contact with the True Cross Order, which sends Arthur A. Angel and Lewin Light to deal with the problem. Upon arrival their arrival, the Impure Princess is killed by Arthur's Angel Slash in strike.[3]

The host of the Princess then succumbs to the infections brought about by eating its heart and dies.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]

Toxic Miasma: The Impure Princess constantly spews a toxic miasma that infects people who come into contact with it. They rapidly develop growths on their skin, have trouble breathing, and eventually die.[5]

Regeneration: The Impure Princess was noted to be among high class Demons with the power to rapidly divide their cells, seemingly giving them impressive longevity and regenerative powers by comparison to other Demons.[6]


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