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Impure Baron

不浄男爵 (ディサイドバロン)


Disaido Baron

Additional Information
Primary Ability

Toxic Miasma

Kin Astaroth
Manga Debut

Chapter 71

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The Impure Baron (不浄 (ディサイド) 男爵 (バロン)  Disaido Baron) is a High Class Demon of the Impure tribe and kin of Astaroth, King of Rot. It is the lowest ranking member of the impure tribe.


The chant and circle for summoning the Impure Baron was included in a set of cursed Demon Karuta owned by Lewin Light.

Much smaller than other Impure demons, it is still much larger than the average human. It has a rounded oblong body with multiple small limbs on its chest, two large fungal growths run down either side, giving the impression of a mustache and two swirl patterns akin to eyes.


Summoned from a set of cursed Demon Kurata, Ryuji Suguro attempts to battle the Impure Baron with little success. Before it can become a problem though, Lewin Light destroys the summoning circle manifesting the creature.

Powers and Abilities

Toxic Miasma: The Impure Baron can exude a toxic miasma that infects people who come into contact with it, much like the other members of its kind. It does not appear to be as harmful as the miasma exuded by other Impure demons, but can cause fungi to grow rapidly.[1]


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