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The Illuminati (イルミメティ Iruminati) is an extremely powerful organization located within Assiah.


The Illuminati is an extremely rich and powerful organization that has access to technology previously thought to not exist,[1] such as that which opened a fake Gehenna Gate.[2][3] They front themselves publicly as an organization known as the Bright Future Foundation (光明財団 Kōmyō Zaidan),[4] which sponsored the changing of Inari to a tourist destination, using the area name as a forefront for their activities.[5] Underneath the surface, however, the Illuminati conducts experiments on how to force-possess Demons into a human being.[6]


The Illuminati houses many powerful individuals, such as Saburota Todo, a man who revived the Impure King[7] and ate several Demons, one of which was the deity Karura, without any adverse side-effects.[8] In their arsenal they also have the deceptively strong Renzo Shima, who has the abilities of a Knight and a high-class Tamer.[9] Above all, however, they are led by the King of Light, Lucifer, who, even in his current weakened state can destroy the world by releasing his remainding energy, is the most influential man in Gehenna, as well as a being much stronger than Mephisto Pheles,[10] who, himself, stands as the second strongest of Gehenna's Eight Demon Kings.[11]


The main goal of the Illuminati is forcibly merge Assiah and Gehenna and "return the world to the original state from which both darkness and light originated", during which they also plan to completely revive Satan, the lord of all Demons. In doing so, they hope to bring the divided worlds together and make every living being equal to one another, thereby creating a world free of affliction and one of true peace.[12]


Name Position Status
Lucifer Commander-in-Chief Active
Homare Todo Guard Commander Active
Egyn Assistant Director Active
Drac Dragulescu Researcher Active
Gunnan Lundström Guard Division Active
Gunnar Lundström Guard Division Active
Renzo Shima Spy Active
Yukio Okumura Visiting Researcher Defected
Former Angelic Legion Member Spy Captured
Michael Gedōin Researcher Deceased
Maria Yoshida Researcher Deceased
Saburota Todo Chosen One Deceased
Unknown Woman Demon Eater Deceased


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