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Hydra (八岐大蛇 (ヒュドラ)  Hyudora) is a very high class of Demon.


While the Hydra seen in the series shows the capacity to change shape, the average appearance of the species seems to be that of a large snake-like creature with multiple branching heads.[1]

Despite their power, they are capable of being subdued, sealed and presumably killed, although this was admittedly not the case with Hachirotaro Okami, to Yukio's surprise.[1]

Powers and Abilities

It has incredible divine power and regenerative ability, even when sealed,[1] and a range of transformation abilities. It can also take control of anyone in its sight.[2]


  • The Lernaean Hydra was a giant serpent in Greek and Roman myth. Defeated by the legendary Heracles, it became a popular choice for media, many such creatures cropping up in literature, sculpture, and other artwork.
  • The manga's Hydra also take inspiration from the Japanese Yamata no Orochi, a giant eight-headed snake. It also has the same kanji writing.


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