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Chapter 74

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Hachirotaro Okami (八郎太郎大神 Hachirōtarō Ōmikami),[1] or simply Hachiro (八郎 Hachirō),[2] is a Hydra sealed at the Towada Shrine.[3]


Hachiro is a humanoid being with light skin that becomes dark at the ends of his limbs. His arms have long claw-like fingernails. He has two pairs of eyes where a normal human's eyes would be and multiple pairs of eyes on his forehead, and also two small eyes on the outer sides of his main four eyes. He also has long light-colored hair. His usual attire consists of a yuki mino and a black chestpiece similar to a samurai armor, along with a shimenawa.


Hachirotaro appears to want Shura Kirigakure to give him what he wants, to fulfill her ancestor's pact with him. During the battle he is shown to have been bored with his life to pass the time he practiced his swordsmanship near the end he reveals to be in love with Tatsuko Kirigakure.


Over a thousand years ago, he ruled the area around Towada until a group of Buddhist monks, lead by one Nansobo, sealed him at Lake Towada.[3]

Many generations ago, he encountered the fleeing Iga ninja, Tatsuko Kirigakure. Despite her injuries, she fought with Hachiro and lost. She pleaded to him for power, and moved by her passion, he healed her with his blood and made a contract with her: he would give her a sword made from his fang to protect her and her descendants and she would give him a child and then die at age 30. With the deal struck, he drew the contract seal on her torso. Her descendants, all female, all looked like her, preserving her youth in his eyes.[4]

He raised and trained Shura Kirigakure in the Kirigakure style. After she terrorized a nearby village, Shiro Fujimoto investigated and found the child. Hachiro demanded he return the girl but Shiro attacked instead. Shura asked if she could leave with Shiro, and Hachiro consented as long as she returned after giving birth.[5]


After the Illuminati killed another Naga, Hachiro called forth Shura. However, when she arrives, he reveals that the murder isn't the only reason: she is to fulfill her promise to have a child.[6] When Shura says she cannot do it, he becomes angry and attacks her. Although she says she expected that, she does not draw her sword to defend herself, which angers Hachiro as he points it out. He realizes someone (Rin and Yukio) is coming for her, and leaves Shura there to be rescued, saying she can't die yet.[7]

Hachiro kidnaps her from the hotel and takes her to the shrine, and there he takes control of her body. Rin and Yukio try to interfere but are stopped. Noticing that Yukio is human, Hachiro plans to force Yukio and Shura to conceive a child.[8]

Powers & Abilities[]

Hachiro is a high-level Demon and, despite being sealed, retains much of his divine power and regenerative ability.[3] He has a range of transformation abilities: shifting between serpentine and human forms, changing his hands into swords[9] and snakes,[10] and turning his fang into a sword.[11] He can also take control over anyone he sees but does not like doing so.[12]

  • Spiral Serpent Fang (螺旋蛇牙 (ラセンダボウ)  Rasendabō): Hachiro turns his right arm into a sword, jumps into the air, and comes down spinning. This is first used on Shura Kirigakure, but he holds back.[13]


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