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Húdié () are a type of demon associated with Beelzebub.


Húdié are a type of demon that parasitize humans. By attacking a sleeping human, they generate nightmares in the human's subconscious so they can feed off their negative emotions such as embarassment, shock, hatred, despair and others.

In order to defeat them, one must make the demons give up. By embracing the nightmare and feeling positive emotions about it, the Húdié will give up and seek out another host for sustenance. Alternatively, one can wait in the hopes that the Húdié become full and leave on their own, but they are quite gluttonous and the victim would have to endure the nightmares until then.

While the victim may be unaware of being under the Húdié's influence at first, there are signs to their presence, like insect noises and the presence of black butterflies throughout their dreams.[1]


Húdié appear as ordinary black butterflies by appearance, possessing no outwardly demonic traits.

Powers and Abilities[]

Nightmare Generation: Húdié are capable of influencing the dreams of humans, turning them into nightmares. They seem to have a certain level of intelligence, able to respond to the thoughts of their victim to adjust the nightmare accordingly.


  • Húdié (蝴蝶) is simply the Chinese name for butterfly.
  • Húdié seemingly take inspiration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as the title of the story they appear in and the dream related nature of their abilities reflect themes of the story.


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