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Gunnar Lundström



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Professional Status

Illuminati Illuminati


Guard Division


Gunnan Lundström

Base of Operations

Far East Laboratory (Formerly)
Dominus Liminis

Personal Status



Gunnan Lundström (Younger Twin Brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 49

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Gunnar Lundström is a member of the Illuminati and part of the Guard Division. He and his twin, Gunnan Lundström are inseparable as they are always seen together.


Both Gunnar and Gunnan have blond hair and are always seen in their Illuminati uniforms. When seen without their jackets, they wear dark coloured tank tops and seem to be very well built.


Not much has been seen in the way of Gunnar's personality. He is almost always very quiet and stoic, although he and his brother did taunt Renzo Shima when they encountered him in the hallway.[1]


Academy Seven Wonders arc

Gunnar first appears alongside Homare Todo in order to collect Renzo Shima and Izumo Kamiki.[2]

Shimane Illuminati arc

Gunnar later appears working for the Guard Division in the Far East Laboratory.[3] When the base is lost to the Knights of the True Cross Order, he is transferred to the Dominus Liminis with the rest of the personnel.[4]

Powers & Abilities

While not being shown, Gunnar and his brother were chosen to support Shima in securing Yukio Okumura when he was being attacked by an out of control Rin Okumura, implying that he possesses at least a decent degreee of ability to be entrusted with such an important task.[5]

It is later shown that Gunnar and Gunnan possess the ability to merge their bodies into one, becoming a hulking creature with prodigious strength and extendable limbs to attack.[6]


  • Lundström is a surname of Swedish origin.
  • Before their given names were revealed, the brothers were referred to as Lund and Ström in additional material and even in the series itself as recently as Chapter 122.[7]


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