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Gufu (颶風 (グフウ)  Gufū) is a middle class Demon in the form of a shadowy crow-like creature.


Gufu is a Demon that is attracted to the dark side of the human soul.[1] It possesses the bodies of humans that succumb to its influence and gives them great power until it takes complete control of them.[2]

There are three appearances that Gufu maintains. The first is a small, shadowy, crow Demon with glowing red eyes. These are the only defining features and the forms it uses when not possessing a person.

The second is a larger, more powerful crow. In this form, it has a large beak with teeth, red skin around the eyes, green gems in its forehead, and a wattle like a rooster. In this form it has the power to attack and evade all attacks with great speed. This form is brought about when Gufu has a human giving it power.

Gufu's final appearance is a dark hippogriff creature. The head stays mostly the same, but it lacks the lower part of the beak, replaced by the head of the person Gufu is possessing at the time. It has four appendages with sharp talons on the hands and feet; along with a long, red tail like a flag. The head of the person, as stated previously, sticks out of its' chest. The person's face is lined with black veins and the eyes are turned deep red, the teeth becoming sharp as well. This is Gufu's final form and is only possible when a human allows Gufu to possess them.

Powers & Abilities[]

Possession: Gufu has the ability to possess humans and feed off of their fear. It becomes more powerful in this way. It can possess a human for a short amount of time, but the possession can only be complete if the human fully accepts Gufu into their body.

Wind Manipulation: Gufu has the ability, when possessing, to control and use wind. It can create large gusts of wind and barriers that not even bullets can pass through.

Feather Daggers: Gufu's feathers have extremely sharp points and can be used like throwing knives or darts. They are not poisonous, but can cut through human (and Demon) flesh easily.


  • Gufu (颶風 (グフウ)  Gufū) translates as tornado or hurricane, relating to the demon's control over wind.



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