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Ghouls ( (グール)  Gūru) are a Low Class Demon classified as kin of Astaroth. It is created by possessing a human corpse.[1] They have also been known to be created by possessing the corpses of animals.[2]


As they possess corpses, Ghouls have various appearances, dependent on the type of bodies they can take possession of. In Japan, where cremation is the most common form of burial, Ghouls mostly appear as rotting canines and other animals. Despite this, they all share several key characteristics. Ghouls cannot speak, their movements are slow, and they don't feast upon humans, but are nevertheless aggressive.[1] In addition to this, Ghouls have several weaknesses that can be exploited by the knowledgeable individual. They can be vanquished by a fatal verse, which lies within the Gospel of John.[3] They also can be lethally harmed by weapons made from holy silver, or a powerful firearm.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Ghouls as a species do not seem to possess any powers in excess of their host body with exception of a demonic resistance to harm which can be overcome by a fatal verse or lethal damage from a weapon made of holy silver or a powerful firearm.[4]


  • Ghouls are evil spirits from Arabic mythology that eat human flesh.


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