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Lightning Manipulation

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Furfur (麒麟 (フールフール)  Fūrufūru) is a Demon under the control of Lewin Light and is kin to the King of Spirits, Azazel.


Furfur is a demon of lightning related to a high level Air demon. It appears in the form of a mythological Qilin, surrounded by lightning.[1] Lewin implies that it has an affinity for nice weather.[2]

It is summoned with a long chant and complex ritual normally, but most of it is removed by Lewin upon summoning it:

厳雷よ四大 (アーク) を統べし主よ... 以下省略

Lightning, the Master ruling over the Four Great (Arc) ... And the rest is omitted.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Lightning Manipulation: Furfur is capable of unleashing vast quantities of lightning, instantly incinerating numerous Hobgoblins at once with very little effort.[4]


  • Furfur is a demon from the Lesser Key of Solomon, appearing as a hart with wings. He is capable of unleashing storms and tempests.
  • Furfur appears as a Qilin, a mythical Chimera like creature from Eastern Myth.


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