Fungus Demon



Kinoko no akuma

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Spore Multiplication

Kin Astaroth
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Episode 1

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Fungus Demons (キノコの悪魔 Kinoko no akuma) are demons are classified as kin of the King of Rot, Astaroth.


Demons that grow and spread in the wake of Astaroth. They don't appear very aggressive, but their special abilities allow them to quickly overrun enemies. Their spores can even be used as a weapon by other Demons.[1]

When the decay spores are spread on a person, they can be dispersed with a fatal verse.

"The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. He shall bestow you life and happiness! Praised be the name of the Lord!" ~ Job 1:21


Fungus Demons appear as large mushrooms with white stalks, blue and whie striped caps and cuts in their cap which represent eyes and mouths. When injured they spray black blood with some force.

Powers and Abilities

While stationary, Fungus Demons spread quickly through the use of spores blown into the air, allowing them to overrun an area in a matter of minutes and even disable targets by growing on them. They grow rapidly, quickly becoming larger than the average human.[2]



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