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Far East Laboratory

Far East Laboratory

Chief: Michael Gedōin
Organization: Illuminati
Specialty: Elixir Research

The Far East Laboratory is an Illuminati facility located in the town of Inari in Shimane Prefecture.


The Far East Laboratory, before its closure, had woven itself into the surrounding area, taking over tourism and housing throughout Inari. As such, several of the local businesses actually belonged to the Illuminati.

Foxes' Alley[]

A major thoroughfare in Inari, Foxes' Alley consisted almost entirely of restaurants and food vendors. The food served by these establishments were laced with addictive compounds that would induce a sense of serenity and belonging, turning people into ideal test subjects for the laboratory.[1]

Peace Town Inari[]

A large apartment building near the Inari Shrine, Peace Town was built directly on top of the Laboratory and suceptible subjects were moved in above, allowing the Illuminati easy access to specimens.[2] The apartment structure also contains a shopping mall, though for what purpose is unclear.[3]

Inari's Bright Future Organisation[]

A shell company owned by the Illuminati, it publishes a tourist guide for Inari.[4] Five years prior to the events of Blue Exorcist, the organisation made arrangment to cover the costs of Inari's tourist urbanisation plan, allowing the Illuminati to build the facilities they required under the guise of this policy.[5]



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