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Right and Left eye of the Impure King

The eyes of the Impure King

The Eyes of the Impure King compose the heart of the extremely strong decay Demon, the Impure King.[1]


Even after being separated from the Impure King the eyes continue to give off a strong Miasma, forcing them to be sealed within glass jars. It is said that if the left eye and the right eye are together, they will spread a new, even more dangerous and noxious miasma.

The miasma can cause fatal illness, but can be cured by a mixture of Radish, Onion, Valeriana Fauriei, Calamus, Rock Salt and Eagle's Claw chilis.[2]


One hundred forty years ago, the Impure King terrorised Japan, spreading disease and killing forty thousand people. Eventually, its heart was split into two by the monk Fukaku. The two halves of the heart becoming known as the left and right eyes of the Impure King. The left eye was stored in the True Cross Academy's Deep Keep while the right eye was stored in the Kyoto Branch Office under the watchful eyes of the Myōō Dharani.[3][4] Members of the sect was originally never made aware of the left eye and instead told that when the Impure King was defeated all that was left behind was it´s right eye.


Kyoto Impure King arc[]

Saburota Todo stole the left eye from the True Cross Academy's Deep Keep and manipulated Mamushi Hojo into stealing the right eye from the Kyoto Branch Office. He implanted them both into the sealed body of the Impure King that had laid dormant at the Goma hall, awakening it.


  • Like many of the Rot demons in the series, the Eyes seem to function on the Miasma Theory, an obsolete medical theory that supposed that illnesses were transmitted through foul odors and air pollution.


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