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Exorcist rank chart

Rank Chart

An Exorcist (祓魔師 (エクソシスト)  Ekusoshisuto) is an individual with the abilities and training to combat Demons. Throughout the history of Assiah, there have been many different groups of Exorcists that protect humanity against these malevolent entities.

Becoming an Exorcist[]

To become a qualified exorcist, some basic conditions must be met, the acquisition of a Meister and the passing of a certification exam.

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Essentially the most basic qualification for any aspiring Exorcist, the term Meister refers to the particular combat skill(s) an Exorcist possesses. There are five different classes of Meister in which individual can become qualified; the Knight, an Exorcist who uses a melee weapon; the Dragoon, an Exorcist who uses Firearms; the Tamer, an Exorcist who summons demon familiars; the Aria, an Exorcist who chants sacred verses; and the Doctor, an Exorcist who heals injuries and illnesses caused by demons.


The rank of an Exorcist is determined by the class and level of demon the exorcist managed to defeat by themselves during the certification exam. The demon's class determining the rank of the exorcist (Upper, Middle, Lower), and its level determining their status (First or Second).[1]

The Paladin[]

Ao no Exorcist - 17 - Large 02

The Paladin vs. one of the Eight Demon Kings.

Paladin (聖騎士 (パラディン)  Paradin) is the highest rank of Exorcist, belonging to the Exorcist who is recognized as the strongest of them all. There can only be one Paladin at a time, and typically, once an individual becomes the Paladin they keep the title until they are deceased. The appointment is exceedingly difficult, with the minimum condition being that they master all five meisters.[2]

In the anime, it's suggested that Paladins are allowed to choose a new uniform with the color of their choice, given Arthur wears a modified white uniform and Yukio wore a green version of his normal uniform.

Name Rank Number Status
Rhone Rain Paladin Unknown Deceased
Abel Franken Paladin 250th Deceased
Shiro Fujimoto Paladin 251st Deceased
Arthur A. Angel Paladin 252nd Active
Yukio Okumura (Anime Only) Paladin 253rd Retired

The Four Arc Knights[]

Arc Knight (四大騎士 (アークナイト)  Ākunaito) is the second highest rank among Exorcists, second only to the Paladin. Only 4 people can hold the rank of Arc Knight at a time.

Name Rank Status
Drac Dragulesc Arc Knight Defected
Lewin Light Arc Knight Active
Lucy Yang Arc Knight Active
Osceola Redarm Arc Knight Deceased

Honorary Knight[]

Honorary Knight (名誉騎士 (キャンサー)  Kyansā) is a special elite rank, above the Upper Rank but below the Arc Knights.

Mephisto has had for over two hundred years, due to his immortality. Whether this is a rank exclusive for him, or others possibly share it remains unknown.

Name Rank Status
Mephisto Pheles Honorary Knight Active

Upper Rank[]

Upper Class (上級 Jōkyū) or Senior Exorcists. They deal with the stronger Demons that could potentially bring about significant damage to human society. Some Upper Class Exorcists are branch chiefs who command all the other exorcists in the sect. Other Upper Class Exorcists tend to be given unique responsibilities.

Name Rank Status
Cheng-Long Liu Upper First Class Active
Igor Neuhaus Upper First Class Active
Shura Kirigakure Upper First Class Active
Uwabami Hojo Upper First Class Active
Waro Todo Upper First Class Deceased
Yaozo Shima Upper First Class Active
Hesse Barthes Upper Second Class Active
Juzo Shima Upper Second Class Active
Maria LaMorte Upper Second Class Defected
Saburota Todo Upper Second Class Defected
Yushi Makugai Upper Second Class Active

Middle Rank[]

Middle Class (中級 Chūkyū) or Intermediate Exorcists. They deal with Demons of average strength that could cause noticeable damage if allowed to go unchecked. Teachers who train new Exorcists seem to be at least Middle class, if not higher.

Name Rank Status
Joseph Yonemura Middle First Class Active
Kaoru Tsubaki Middle First Class Active
Mamushi Hojo Middle First Class Active
Nadeshiko Yasumi Middle First Class Active
Naoto Fukada Middle First Class Active
Neue Milan Middle First Class Active
Yukio Okumura Middle First Class Active
Kinzo Shima Middle Second Class Active
Kozuki Matoi Middle Second Class Active

Lower Rank[]

Lower Class (下級 Kakyū) or Junior Exorcists. The lowest rank of qualified Exorcists. They deal with the low level Demons who are more of a minor annoyance than a threat to humans. They will sometimes supervise Exwires on simple missions.[3]

Name Rank Status
Adori Kureha Lower Second Class Active
Jirei Komori Lower Second Class Active
Kawanaka Lower First Class Active
Kazuto Igiri Lower Second Class Active
Kunan Hitsugi Lower Second Class Active
Richard Lincoln Lower Second Class Deceased
Yuri Egin Lower Second Class Deceased


Amusement park mission

Exwires being briefed on a minor mission.

Exwires (候補生 (エクスワイア)  Ekusuwaia) are student-Exorcists ranked directly above a Page. Exwires still attend classes and study to become Meisters, but are able to perform non-combat missions, such as maintenance and errand running.

Name Rank Status
Izumo Kamiki Exwire Active
Jenny Kal Exwire Deceased
Konekomaru Miwa Exwire Active
Nemu Takara Exwire Active
Renzo Shima Exwire Active
Rin Okumura Exwire Active
Ryuji Suguro Exwire Active
Shiemi Moriyama Exwire Active


Ep 5 title

Pages in class.

Before becoming an Exwire, the individual begins as a Page (祓魔塾生 (ペイジ) 訓練生 (ペイジ)  Peiji), learning the most basic elements of exorcism and Demonology. Examples of what Pages study range from Demon and Grimoire studies to Demon Pharmacology, Holy Scripture recitations, magic circles and so on. To become an Exwire, a Page must pass the Exwire Authorization Exam. The exam consists of both written tests and a field test, which determines the class' overall combat abilities and teamwork skills.

Name Rank Status
Noriko Paku Page Retired


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