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Exorcism Unit 1 is an elite unit of Exorcists within the True Cross Order, composed of members of the Myōō Dharani. Led by Juzo Shima, they were one of the units involved in attempting to bring down the Impure King.


Kyoto Impure King arc[]

Exorcism Unit 1 were deployed as part of the True Cross Order's offensive against the Impure King. After receiving the power of Ucchusma, Juzo led the first division into combat with the Impure King's spores.[1]

When Saburota Todo made his presence known on the battlefield however, Juzo's team broke off their assault on the spores to support Yukio Okumura in the fight.[2] Juzo takes the lead in the battle against Todo, but his flames prove ineffective, Todo simply absorbing them.[3] When he retaliates, Chika Minami and Masato Chigusa set up a barrier using Seal of Self-protection against Monkeys, but it only lasts long enough for Yukio to form a rash strategy.[4]

Using Hajime and Haruta as distractions, Juzo has Shigemichi Kumagai and Masato strengthen his flames using chants. With an opening created, Juzo strikes with Flame Emitting Meditation.[5]

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

The members of Exorcism Unit 1 are later seen taking a photo together with Juzo and Mamushi Hojo on the day of their wedding.[6]


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