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A Boy from the Cursed Temple

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Tatari-dera no Ko

Air Date

May 15, 2011



Adapted chapter(s)

Ch. 4: Child of a Cursed Temple

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Ending Song

Take off

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A Boy from the Cursed Temple (祟り寺の子 Tatari-dera no Ko) is the 5th episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime overall and of the first season. It first aired on May 15, 2011.


Rin has a dream about being the best Exorcist in his class only to be woken up by his teacher. Ryuji aka "Bon", another student in the cram school, can't believe that a slacker like Rin is even there. After a glare from Ryuji, Rin states his resolve for not being the old him who got into fights all the time.

As the day goes on Rin spaces out through most of his classes, aggravating Ryuji. During Anti-Demon

S05 01

Pharmaceutics, Yukio passes out graded tests asking them to go over the questions they missed. Shiemi believes she did really well on her test only to find that she received a 41. Rin laughs until he finds out that he got a 2. Ryuji scolds him for not paying attention in class, and reveals that he scored a 98. Rin and Ryuji begin arguing. Konekomaru and Renzo hold back Ryuji while Yukio holds back Rin.

After class Rin, Yukio, and Shiemi are sitting on a fountain. Rin asks about Ryuji and Yukio tells him that he's at the True Cross Academy on scholarship too. Yukio leaves and Rin panics a little about being alone with Shiemi. They talk about school and Shiemi asks if he has any friends. She goes over to him to ask if he'll be her friend when Ryuji walks in making fun of the two of them, asking if Shiemi is Rin's girl. Rin denies this, so Ryuji asks if they are just friends. Rin tells them that he and Shiemi are not friends. The two begin to argue again. Shima, Konekomaru, and Shiemi realize just how alike the two are.

During practical training Rin and Ryuji are outrunning a Reaper in attempts to be accustomed to the Demons movements. Rin is faster than Ryuji by a little. Ryuji comments that the last one standing at the end is the winner a kicks Rin, only to almost be caught by the Reaper. The two begin fighting again and have to be seperated by the teacher, Konekomaru and Shima.

Ryuji is lectured by the teacher because they expect great things from him, and to stay away from Rin. Shima tells Rin that Ryuji's goal is to defeat Satan. Rin realizes that he and Ryuji are exactly the same. Shima laughs and Rin asks if it's supposed to be funny. Konekomaru explains that Ryuji wants to restore their temple that fell to ruin during the Blue Night. Rin asks what the Blue Night is and Konekomaru explains that it happened 16 years ago when Satan murdered the world's most prominent clergymen. Shima tells Rin that blue flames are a symbol of Satan. After the Blue Night people began calling their temple the "Cursed Temple."

Izumo and Shiemi are taking their turn with the Reaper when Shiemi falls and is yelled at for her attire. Yamada and Shima are called down for their turn. A cell phone goes off and Ryuji asks whose phone would go off in the middle of class. The teacher answers his phone and calls a study hall for the rest of class. Before he leaves he tells them to stay away from the Reaper. Rin and Ryuji begin to argue again. Ryuji claims that Rin is some unmotivated rich kid getting special treatment and challenges him to go touch the Reaper and come back without getting attacked. Rin says he won't risked getting killed before he completes his goal, the same one as Ryuji. Ryuji yells at Shima and Konekomaru for telling him.

Ryuji remembers a time from his childhood where he and his father where asking for offerings for their temple. People keep telling them no and Ryuji claims that he is going to become an Exorcist and defeat Satan. His father laughs and Ryuji tells him that he's serious. . Ryuji goes down to touch the Reaper. Kamiki comments that he's just going to turn back. The Reaper senses the Ryuji's emotions and goes to attack. Rin jumps in and is attacked by the Reaper instead. Rin tells it to let go and it obeys him. Rin calls Ryuji a moron and claims that he is going to be the one to defeat Satan. Ryuji says that Rin is copying his ambition and Rin claims that he is the original.

A gun was being pointed at Rin. Yukio lowers the weapon and says that the students are safe and that Rin didn't draw out Kurikara.

Mephisto Pheles is drinking tea on top of a building under construction. Amaimon appears and they discuss Rin. Mephisto reveals himself to be a Demon as well as a brother to Amaimon and Rin. Amaimon asks when Mephisto will be returning to Gehenna and leaves. Mephisto says that he is not going back because Assiah is the perfect playground.

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