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Shine Bright as the Sun

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March 18, 2017



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Itteki no Eikyō

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Shine Bright as the Sun (光輝燦然 Kōkisanzen) is the 36th episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime overall and the 11th episode of the second season, the Kyoto Saga. It first aired on March 18, 2017.


Rin is finally able to unsheathe the Kurikara and ignites the Impure King with his blue flames as he attacks it with the sword. Despite unleashing his demon powers, Rin is still subconsciously worried of giving into his powers like his previous fight with Amaimon, holding back while fighting the Impure King.

Meanwhile, Konekomaru and Shima finally make it back to the rest of the Myōō Dharani exorcists and inform them that Suguro and Rin are fighting the Impure King. Shura thanks them for letting her know and heads into the barrier to find the two Exwires.

Nearby, Yukio continues to fend off Todo's attacks on him, as Juzo and his team are held down by Todo. Yukio finally manages to silence Todo for a longer period, but is greatly affected by Todo's claim that he is in fact a demon underneath. Due to the injuries that the team had sustained fighting Todo, they gave up capturing him and fled towards the other exorcists.

Farther in the mountain woods, Shiemi has finally exhausted her strength saving Izumo, causing Nee to disappear. Izumo continues to try and push Shiemi away, telling her that she hates her type of person the most. Ignoring Izumo, in one final attempt, Shiemi climbs upon the plant-covered miasma and physically pulls Izumo out of it. Shiemi explains to Izumo that even if she hates her, she likes Izumo and wants to be her friend. Izumo is visibly flushed for a bit, but does not let it get to her, as she realizes that they still need to bring Tatsuma down the mountain.

Going back to the fight with the Impure King, Shura reaches Rin and Suguro in time to save Suguro from being suffocated by the Impure King. As Rin continues to fend off the Impure King's attacks, Suguro uses his last bit of energy and collapses from exhaustion, causing the barrier to fall. It is at this point that Ucchusma condescendingly lends its aid to Rin, pitying how the exorcists have dealt with the Impure King thus far. Shura sees this opportunity as Rin's time to shine and to prove that he is capable of becoming a great exorcist.

Ucchusma blends in with Rin's blue flames and amplifies his power, allowing him to unleash the Fireburst Samahdi attack on the Impure King. Rin is hesitant at first to use the attack, as the attack could potentially kill all the exorcists on the mountain. Realizing though that there was no other way to defeat the Impure King, he convinces himself that is capable of controlling the flames of the attack. As he releases the attack, he starts to become consumed by the power, with doubts that he can control the flames from burning everyone. However, a flashback of Shiemi having been unhurt from his flames makes him snap out of his worries and fills him with confidence. The blue flames explode outwards, engulfing all the exorcists within its range. To their surprise, the flames do not hurt them but instead only burn off the miasma from the Impure King. Realizing that the flames were harmless, the exorcists head towards the source. Yukio, upon instantly seeing the blue light, is frustrated with his brother for having used his powers and also follows after.

With the Impure King now defeated, Ucchusma exits from Rin's Kurikara and comments that the attack could have been more powerful had he not held back to save the humans. Ucchusma also tells Rin that there will come a day where he will need to decide who he is - a demon or a human. However, Rin realized that he had been running away from his demon side and that it was inevitably part of who he was now. By saving everyone with his blue flames, the exorcists also praised him for doing so. At this moment, Yukio punches Rin in the face and scolds him for having used his powers, which were forbade by the Grigori. Rin shares his realization of admitting to be a demon with Yukio, and hopes that he too can accept him for who he is before fainting on the ground.

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