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Suspicion Will Raise Bogies

Ep 28 Suspicion Will Raise Bogies





Air Date

January 21, 2017



Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

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Suspicion Will Raise Bogies (疑心暗鬼 Gishinanki) is the 28th episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime overall and the 3rd episode of the second season, the Kyoto Saga. It first aired on January 21, 2017.


Ryuji doesn't remember much of last night. Him and Miwa share a gloomy breakfast, ignoring Rin behind them. Renzo greets Rin in the morning. Rin also does not remember the night before and is confused as to why Renzo is being nice to him suddenly After breakfast, Rin asks Ryuji's mother for candles so he can practice using his flames.

The Myoda followers hold a meeting where Yaozo informs everyone there is a traitor amongst them. Juzo retells the night The Right Eye was stolen from the Deep Keep. Suspicion is directed at Mamushi and Juzo, as they were Todo's student in cram school. Meanwhile everyone seems to conclude that Master Suguro may be the guilty one, as he neglected to attend the meeting and during the theft in the deep keep, he chanted sermons that no one else had never heard before.

Shiemi struggles with feeling useless, as she makes mistakes and doesn't play as active of a role in helping or protecting others. Kamiki demands Shiemi should say what is on her mind. Shiemi confides in her. Kamiki compares her to a weed, calling her resilient. Shiemi takes to this appraisal and promises to live up to it.

Rin struggles controlling his flames and nearly catches the roof on fire. As he walks away in frustration, the candles light perfectly. Shura can't tell if he is improving or not.

As Rin is cooling off by the water pump, he overhears Miwa praying to his family and ancestors. Rin interrupts him and tries to run away, but Rin won't let him. Rin tries to make amends with Miwa, but Miwa digresses by telling Rin to stay away from Ryuji. Miwa confesses he feels that he has nothing, no family nor talent as an exorcist. He aims to repay the Myoda sect., since they took him in as a child. He declares anyone that threatens them is his enemy. Rin promises to no longer be a threat, asking if they can be friends when he proves it. Miwa fights back tears when Rin tells him he doesn't have nothing and that he has a lot of things worth protecting. Miwa remembers Rin is not a bad person.

Master Suguro is alone, speaking to a flame with a grin.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

Manga & Anime Differences[]

  • The episode features a scene of Ryuji waiting impatiently for his father that does not appear in the manga.
  • When Izumo talks to Shiemi in the garden, rather than being distracted by the medical supplies crashing through the window, she instead sees Rin practicing on the roof.


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