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Gehenna Gate

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Gehena Gēto

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April 24, 2011



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Ch. 1: The Mockery of Satan

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Take off

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Gehenna Gate (虚無界の門 (ゲヘナゲート)  Gehena Gēto) is the 2nd episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime overall and of the first season. It first aired on April 24, 2011.


Ao no Exorcist - 02 - Large 02

Rin and Father Fujimoto retreating to the church

Running from roof-to-roof with Fujimoto, Rin notices that they are surrounded by stray dogs. Shiro tells him that those are really ghouls, which possess corpses of humans and animals. Fujimoto then throws a bomb of holy water and he and Rin run inside and shut the door. He tells Rin that the must rush back to monestary quick, and tells that Demons of all kinds will be after him for any sort of reason. Later, Reiji regains consciousness and lets his emotions get the best of him when thinking about Okumura. This gives the Demon the oppurtinity to possess him again. Meanwhile, Rin and Shiro make it back home with his companions waiting for them.

They have set up spiritual barriers and have doused the sewers with holy water. Fujimoto leads Rin to a secret room and beholds him the Kurikara sword. He reveals that it was used to seal his Demon powers the day he was born, and also reveals that if he used it he will never be human again. He also reveals that Yukio was undeveloped and too frail to inherit their father, Satan's powers. Rin is however still shocked to learn that he is the Devil's son. The Demons have now broken in the monestary. Shiro locks Rin in the room to keep him safe, but not before he gives him his cell phone with a number of his friend to help him. Fujimoto and his companions try their best to protect, but are easily defeated. He then exorcises Reiji one last time and defeats the King of Rot.

Rin gets out and Shiro reminds him that the Demons are only after him. Rin is mislead and believes that they want him out of their lives. Shiro tries to stop him, but when Rin tells him he is not his real father and stop playing pretend, it breaks Shiro's heart, and Fujimoto slaps him. Blue flames cover Shiro, and one of the Exorcists explain that he is being possessed by Satan, the most powerful of the Demons and Rin's real father. Satan tells Rin that he will join him and rips off Shiro's fingers. Blood drips from his fingers and opens the monstrous gate of Gehenna. A frightened Rin is being pulled into the gate and yells for help. That's when Fujimoto regains control of his body. He takes the point on the top of his necklace and commits suicide to save Rin. Seeing his guardian taking his own life to protect him, Rin decides to fight back by unlocking his Demonic powers, while knowing by doing so he would not be human anymore. He takes the risk and changes into his true Demon form. His ears grow long and pointed and grows a devil like tail and is covered in blue flames. He uses the sword to destroy the gate and it becomes morning. Rin notices the dead body of Shiro and tearfully mourns his death. Yukio comes home and discovers the mess and casualty.

On a rainy afternoon, Rin stands before his foster father's grave. He then remembers what Shiro said about his friend and calls. In a second, he is surrounded by a group of men in black who are lead by strange one in a white suit. This man introduces himself as Sir Mephisto Pheles, precept of the Japan branch of the Knights of the True Cross and Fujimoto's friend. Rin asks if they're Exorcist, which Mephisto says that they are, and that they know alot about Rin. He tells Rin that Shiro tried to raise him as human, but his true nature had to poke out its "ugly little head". He explains that letting the son of Satan puts mankind in the worst jeopardy, which is why they are here to exterminate him. Rin, however, thought that they were going to offer him protection like Shiro said. Pheles claims that that's personal and this is business. He gives Okumura three options: one they kill him, two he can try to kill them and run, and three he has the oppurtunity to commit suicide. Rin doesn't choose any of them and asks Mephisto to let him join them. Mephisto is shocked after hearing this. Rin claims that he is not Satan's son and that his real father was Shiro Fujimoto. Mephisto asks if he wants to be an Exorcist like Father Fujimoto, Rin says that he does. He then asks why someone like him would want to. Rin replies that he's "gonna beat the shit out of Satan". After a moment of silence, Mephisto laughs hysterically, which angers Rin and says that he is serious about this. Sir Pheles understands the boy's wish and takes in Rin, much to the shock of his men. He claims that he can pull some strings, but warns Rin that he has chosen a thorny path to follow and will regret not wanting to die. Rin doesn't care and says that he is not a human or a Demon anymore. He has no choice to, but to go forward. He proclaims that he is going to be an Exorcist.

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  • Amongst the numerous keychains on Mephisto's phone, one is a small rabbit doll of a character called Usakichi, from Kazue Katō's earlier oneshot Tomato.


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