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The Wager

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July 31, 2011



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Ch. 14: The Wager

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Wired Life

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The Wager ( Kake) is the 16th episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime overall and of the first season. It first aired on July 31, 2011.


The Komaken cannot suppress the blue flames within Rin which he no longer controls. Exposing his true nature, Rin is captured by the newly appointed Paladin , Arthur A. Angel, and taken to trial between Mephisto and the Grigori. Yukio and his classmates try to help save Rin from execution by repairing his sword with the help of Yoshikuni, a sword-making blacksmith. Then when they arrive they see Amaimon trying to kill Rin. Amaimon sees the group and quickly attacks them. The group passes the sword from one person to another until it landed in Yukio's hand. Yukio runs over to Rin and yells at him to wake up. While Yukio is doing that Mephisto tells the Grigori that they will take a gamble, either Rin will be savior of Assiah or the King of Gehenna. Mephisto tells them if they pick the first one he will wake Rin up to save them but if they pick the second one they will die. They quickly pick the first one. Rin wakes up realizing the situation and goes to attack Amaimon.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

Manga & Anime Differences[]

  • In the Anime, the one who stopped Rin Okumura while he was going berserk was Shiemi Moriyama by hugging him and trying to calm him down while in the Manga, Mephisto Pheles was the one to stop him by grabbing his arm and sheathing Rin's sword causing his flames to fade and leaving him unconscious.
  • In the Anime, before the start of the trial and during Arthur A. Angel's first appearance, Rin Okumura was unconscious the whole time. While in the Manga, he was conscious because Mephisto woke him up and Rin witnessed all what happened. Ryuji Suguro yells "Why is Satan's kid in the academy?" and Shiemi cried when Rin tried to hide his tail and laugh things up.
  • In the Anime, Rin Okumura was kept unconscious inside a blue crystal while in the Manga, Arthur A. Angel cut Rin's leg with his sword to keep him still.
  • In the Manga, while the trial was going on, Rin Okumura interrupted them telling them that he was no weapon and that he wanted them to stop judging people as they like.
  • In the Anime, Amaimon disturbed the trial leading the higher ups to accept Mephisto Pheles gamble and to let Rin pass the Exorcist exams.
  • Most of the Exwires still had faith in Rin Okumura in the Anime, however, in the Manga they all became distant and cautious around him until the Kyoto Impure King arc.


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