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A Game of Tag

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Oni Gokko

Air Date

July 3, 2011



Adapted chapter(s)

Ch. 9: Tag

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Take off

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A Game of Tag (鬼事 Oni Gokko) is the 12th episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime overall and of the first season. It first aired on July 3, 2011.


Rin and his classmates and teachers go to Mepphyland, an amusement park. They are surprised to find Shiemi without a kimono, instead wearing a school uniform. Yukio instructs theExwires to find a ghost haunting the place. He puts

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them into two groups which Rin partners with Shiemi. Walking across the park, Shiemi notes how she always wanted to go to a theme park but couldn't since she was sick and very shy. She asks Rin if they can play together when Rin hears crying and goes to the merry-go-round to find the ghost. The ghost is lonely and sad that he died before being able to go to the park, but reveals to be mischievous when he touches Shiemi's breasts. Rin runs after him with Shiemi following him. The two split up where Shiemi following the ghost. Rin decides to call Yukio that they found him when Amaimon shows up and steals Rin's sword.

He opens the sword, triggering Rin's Demon form. He decides to play and has Rin chase after him. Meanwhile, Shiemi follows the ghost, realizing she is similar to him as he only wants to have fun. Rin goes after Amaimon but he beats him up. Amaimon brutally punches Rin, noting why Mephisto and his father are so interested in him. However, Rin grabs Amaimon in the throat and his flames increase. Rin goes berserk and throws Amaimon, burning him alive. Amaimon is impressed and causes an earthquake. Shiemi finally captures the ghost in the ball pit but the earthquake causes damage and the debris from the roller coaster is about to fall on them.

The rampaging Rin, hearing Shiemi's cries, snaps out of it and saves her by destroying the debris using a hand made out of his flames. The ghost thought it was a fun day for him and thanks Shiemi before disappearing. Amaimon stomps on Rin's back and is about to break the sword when Yamada appears and saves Rin. Amaimon decides the game is over and sheathes the sword, reverting Rin to normal. Rin is frightened of how he lost control of his flames and blackened out, similar to what happened when he was a small child. Shiemi comes to Rin's aid, with Yukio. Yamada appears with Rin's sword, revealing himself to be a high class Exorcist (and a woman) named Shura Kirigakure.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

Manga & Anime Differences[]

  • When the ghost clutched Shiemi's breasts, she did not seem shocked or violated like she was in the Manga.


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