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Romania Branch Office

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Chapter 69

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Drac Dragulescu (ドラク・ドラグレスク Doraku Doraguresuku) was an Arc Knight and an Exorcist of the True Cross Order. He was a member of the Romania Branch Office and the K.R.C lab chief before openly defecting to the Illuminati with whom he had been co-operating in secret.


Drac appears to be in his sixties and wears a monocle in his left eye. He has light grey hair due to his advanced age and has a mustache of the same color.


At first, Drac seems very professional and calm. However, he seems to be easily unnerved, particularly in regards to his research.

The former Paladin, Shiro Fujimoto, once described him as "a virtuous mad scientist...which is worse than a bumbling villain."[1]


Exorcist Exam arc[]

This character appears talking in the meeting of the True Cross Order in the Vatican City. He mentions that the artificial zombies are being examined at the lab while the bigger ones were cryogenized, while his team is looking for a way to deal with them.[2] When the discussion shifts to the Elixir, Drac surmises that the research is incomplete due to the state of the guinea pigs.[3]

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

On New Year's day, Lewin Light approaches him in the parking lot of the K.R.C. lab, telling him "Happy New Year" before punching him in the face, which surprises the old man. At first Lewin acts friendly, telling Drac he was waiting to meet Drac alone and then that he's surprised to see Drac working as soon as in the beginning of the year, saying so is he. Drac asks what Lewin wants, which prompts Lewin to accuse him of being connected to the Illuminati. Drac tells Lewin that, if he thinks that because he was the director of Section 13, it's impossible because Drac signed a Morinath Contract, and Lewin says that's the mystery he has to solve, as Drac fits Lewin's traitor theory perfectly, then adding that few people can commit a massacre and stay in the same line of work for over a decade, but Drac says that such vague reasons are insufficient. Lewin says talking is easy, but agree that he needs proof to convince others. Lewin then summons Sylphs and uses an incantation on Drac, telling him of his other nickname "The Torturer", ignoring Drac's plead for him to stop. The incantation causes Drac to bleed from his mouth, and Lewin says it's as he suspected. Lewin then says he's leaving, and Drac says he's not getting away with that. Drac says he'll report Lewin, saying he'll be arrested for being dangerous, but Lewin says he'd better hurry as Lewin plans to process him.[4]

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Of One Cloth arc[]

Meister & Abilities[]

While his exact Meisters are unknown, it's clear that Drac is a gifted scientist, performing multiple Elixir and cloning experiments in order to aid Lucifer and his ends. His skills are worthy of recognition as an Arc Knight, even after burying his previous pursuits as a member of Section 13.


  • Dragulescu's alias, Nicolae Eminescu, may be taken from famous Romanian Poet Mihai Eminescu, who wrote a poem concerning the Angel Lucifer falling in love with a human.


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