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Dominus Liminis

Dominus Liminis

Chief: Lucifer
Assistant Chief: Egyn
Organization: Illuminati

The Dominus Liminis (境界の主 (ドミナスリミニス)  Dominasu Rimirisu), is an extremely large airship, constructed by the Illuminati at the North American laboratory. At this time, it seems to serve as a mobile headquarters. It has a similar resemblance to an aircraft carrier, with the Illuminati emblem emblazoned on the forward and mid-ship sections of the main deck. [1]


The Dominus Liminis is more like a mobile fortress rather than a warship, containing several facilities and areas within the massive ship.

Research Labs[]

The core of the Illuminati's magical scientific research with a focus on weapons and armour development. It was this division that created the Armumahel Pistols.

Food Court[]

There is at least one food court on the Dominus Liminis with food provided by chefs from around the world and greenery, giving the ship a feeling more of a city than a vessel.[2]

Distillation Furnace[]

The apparatus of the Illuminati's final experiment, it consists of several pods suspended over burners mounted around a central bulb. The Chosen Ones each enter a pod where their bodies are incinerated, leaving only a handful of carbonized cells, these remaining cells are those combining the traits of the chosen demon and the Elixir that has been tested on the Chosen One. Collecting these remaining carbides in the central bulb, they are then doused in Elixir and prepped for the next stage of the experiment. The full intention of this experiment isn't seen due to Yukio Okumura interfering with the process.[3]



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