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Todo consuming Karura

Demon Eaters (悪魔喰い (デーモンイーター)  Dēmon Ītā) are humans that force demons to possess them in order to take control of the demons' powers.[1]

While it is a highly valuable ability to possess, it is not without risk. Should the demon eater attempt to consume a demon with more power than they can control, a catastrophic reaction can occur, resulting in injury or death.[2]

Known Demon Eaters[]

Name Demon Status
Saburota Todo Karura Deceased
Unknown Woman Impure Princess Deceased
Unknown Man Ouroboros Deceased
Unknown Man Hydra Deceased
Unknown Man Unknown Deceased


  • While Todo originally showed the traits of a demon eater as far back in the series as Chapter 25 (Before then it was assumed he was conventionally possessed) it wasn't until Chapter 38 that the phenomenon was officially named.[3]


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