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Coal Tar

魍魎 (コールタール)


Kōru Tāru

Additional Information
Primary Ability


Kin Astaroth
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth

Japanese Voice

Etsuko Kozakura

English Voice

Tia Ballard

Coal Tar Images

Coal Tar (魍魎 (コールタール)  Kōru Tāru) is a tiny, airborne Demon that possesses fungi, flecks of dust, and dirt. It is attracted to dark, dank places, as well as humans with dark natures. Coal Tars are classified as kin of Astaroth[1].


Coal Tars appear as small, round creatures with two, cat-like ear projections, four, miniscule spiked limbs on their underside and a long tail with a triangular point.

There are two types of Coal Tar: the fairly harmless type only floats around in the air, and has oval-shaped green eyes and slightly open, downward curved mouths; while the other appears to be more sinister, and has slanted violet eyes and evil smiles.

Powers and Abilities

Although Coal Tars are at the bottom of the Demon food chain, they also far outnumber any other species and become a threat once they band together. Breathing them in can cause one's lungs to rot.

Coal Tars banded together

When enough Coal Tars band together, they can move in unison as snake-like gestalt entities with a single, smiling face. In this form they are not only capable of overrunning a city, but in fact able to devour larger, more threatening Demons.[2]

A large number can also form a Koks (魍魎王 (コークス)  Kōkusu).[3]

It is later revealed that Coal Tars react as regular particles in the air, allowing for the transmission of a dust explosion.[4]


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