虫豸 (チューチ)



Additional Information
Primary Ability

Parasite Larva

Kin Beelzebub
Manga Debut

Chapter 11

Anime Debut

Episode 14

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth

Japanese Voice

Chikao Ohtsuka

English Voice

Steve Blum

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Chuchi (虫豸 (チューチ)  Chūchi) are Low Class Demons that possess small insects and are classified as (the currently only known) kin to Beelzebub.


Chuchi are known to swarm around animals and suck their blood, as well as feed on corpses. Though this is rare, some Chuchi reach gigantic proportions. Despite appearing as ordinary moths, Chuchi possess a high level of intelligence, capable of recognizing threats to themselves and how to deal with them.[1] Also, like ordinary moths, Chuchi are attracted to sources of light.[2] Like other demons, they possess a fatal verse, in particular, Acts 13:36. Inthe anime a female Chuchi possessed shiemi.

Powers and Abilities

Parasite Larva: Female Chuchi can lay eggs inside of a target. Once they hatch, they can latch onto the host's nervous system, turning them into a puppet.[3]

Flight: Chuchi can fly using their wings.

Human Speech: Chuchi, while not normally, can speak in broken sentences.[4]


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