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Cheng-Long Liu
Cheng-Long Liu

劉 成龍 (リュウ・セイリュウ)


Ryū Seiryū




Male Male





Hair Color

Tintish Blue

Eye Color

Light Brown

Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order




Yukio Okumura

Base of Operations

Taiwan Exorcist Branch

Exorcist Information

Upper First Class


Bō Staff

Personal Status



Lucy Yang (Distant Relation)

Manga Debut

Chapter 130 (Unnamed)
Chapter 134 (Named)

Anime Debut

Ao no Exorcist Movie

Japanese Voice

Hidenobu Kiuchi

English Voice

Todd Haberkorn

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Cheng-Long Liu (劉 成龍 (リュウ・セイリュウ)  Ryū Seiryū) is an Upper First Class Exorcist from the Taiwan branch. He comes to Japan to help True Cross Academy change to a new barrier. He is from an elite family and has high exorcism skills.


He has light brown eyes, and has tinted blue hair tied to the side in a pony tail with two orange ribbons, one tying the hair altogether, and another a few inches down wrapping for a few inches. He wears a farmer's Taiwan hat and outfit, With an Exorcist's vest on top. He wears grey tights with a white-and-grey striped pattern at the bottom and has white socks with black shoes curved a bit upward at the ends. He has fingerless gloves and carries around a red pole as his weapon. He has a belt around his waist with a Yin-Yang sign in the middle. At the side of the belt is a long pocket where he keeps his Bō staff in after he folds it. 


Cheng-Long Liu is a calm and collected Exorcist who takes his job seriously and criticise fellow Exorcists of their incompetence. He seems to take a liking of Yukio Okumura’s seriousness and stoic attitude towards his exorcism job; which in this case is similar to his personality. He also held slight distrust of Rin Okumura due to being Satan’s son much like other Exorcists before him. He is also a very sarcastic person, telling Yukio that he wanted to burn down the whole country. He also has a habit of beating around the bush during conservations, ending with a "just kidding" and goes back to main topics.


He states that the Exorcist mentioned in the children's storybook that Shiro Fujimoto had read to Rin and Yukio when they were younger was his ancestor. When Usamaro tried to eat his memories, one memory made it seem as though he was forced to exorcise Demons at a rather young age.


Of One Cloth arc[]

Liu appears as a member of the gathered forces of the True Cross Order.[1] When Lucy Yang is attacked by Satan, he and other members of the Taiwan branch take over caring for her while Osceola and Rin return to the battle.[2]

Ao no Exorcist the Movie[]

Cheng-Long Liu was assigned from the Taiwan Exorcist Branch to help with the security during an upcoming festival in Vatican where he was assigned to remove the aging seal while the new one was made, which he did flawlessly.

Powers & Abilities[]

He uses chants to do his exorcising. He has a Bō staff which he does all his fighting with and it seems to have a spell cast on it. When he chants anything, a big purple circle comes up in the middle of his pole and destroys the Demon(s). He is a very experienced Exorcist. 


  • Chenge-Long Liu is an example of a 'canon immigrant', a character that appeared outside the original source material, in this case appearing in the Blue Exorcist Movie before being integrated into the manga's storyline.
  • It can be seen thoroughly in the movie that he loves eating pez candies (candies that pops out of a long container).
  • He is the only person who remembered Usamaro and Usamaro's sacrifice towards the city other than Rin.
  • People often mistaken his given name as Liu and his surname as Cheng-Long. His given name is actually Cheng-Long while his family name is Liu.


  • (To Shura Kirigakure and Rin Okumura) "How ridiculous. All that commotion and fuss over a Phantom Train. I have to say I'm not impressed…"
  • (To Rin Okumura) "Kid, huh? Congratulations exorcist, you saved a demon. Idiot."
  • (To Yukio Okumura) "They're following up on reports of paranormal sounds. So they're seeing if anyone's home. Huh! I would have just burn the whole place down. ("That's excessive", Yukio replies) No, I'm just kidding."
  • (To fellow Exorcists) "You had the shot but you hesitated... And you call yourselves exorcists."
  • (To Yukio Okumura) "You and I are going to get along just fine."
  • (To Yukio Okumura) "My ancestor is the legendary exorcist in that children's book. It's true. I'll be signing autographs later."
  • (To Yukio Okumura about Rin and Usamaro) "Awh.... It looks like he's having fun guarding that demon. Disgusting. Get rid of that thing before it becomes a problem."
  • (To Yukio Okumura) "Hah, empathizing with demons are we? An exorcist's job is to drive them out, don't forget."
  • (To Usamaro) "So that's what you look like. Funny meeting a demon from the clan of time in a temple courtyard. In the name of my clan, I shall exorcise you."
  • (To Rin Okumura) "What are you doing? I knew it. You don't have what it takes to be an exorcist."
  • (To Yukio and Rin Okumura about Usamaro) He's a demon from the clan of time... the one my ancestor sealed long ago. He manipulates time and feeds on people's memories. Once you let him in, he takes advantage on your desires and then... destroys your soul. My ancestor allowed the demon to live among the people of the village and because he didn't act quickly, the village died out. Eventually, the villagers enduced a shrine when the seal was forgotten and the story faded into legend. We have to find that demon or this city will die out too.
  • (To himself about Usamaro) "It's fading... And not just our memories. He's trying to devour time and space itself."
  • (To Rin Okumura) "Now, if there were such thing as a memory which no one else had but you, it'd be pointless to have, don't you think?... (Rin stares at him confused)... I'm kidding... but thanks to you I've seen something extraordinary... the power to open up a demon's heart."


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