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Chapter 92



Yuki no Hate 1

English Title

Beyond the Snow, Part 1

Volume 20

Blue Night Investigation arc

Release Date

July 4, 2017

Jump Square Issue

August 2017

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Beyond the Snow, Part 1 (雪の果て1 Yuki no Hate 1) is the 92nd chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.


The chapter opens with Sei Godaīn standing among a crowd gathered around Ikebukuro station after it had been sealed off due to a Demon attack. A lot of people believe it to be a prank wondering if the demon they were seeing on tv was CGI. A few pull Sei aside and ask him if he saw the monster. He says he did and that it had one eye and then he is asked if he is in on the prank.[1]

Next, Yukio Okumura explains to Rin Okumura and the rest of the crew that more demons have been appearing in cites and that more and more people have begun to see them. He then orders the Exwires to take the train back to Ikebukuro while he uses his magic key to arrive there ahead of them to assist in the fight. Before saying farewell, Renzo interrupts him saying that he has spy things to do before the two both take their leave. [2]

On the train, Rin is surprised to see reports of the demon all over the news while Ryuji recalls Yukio pull his pistol on him. Rin remarks that Ryuji seems to be busy these days and Ryuji asks Rin if he can talk to him about something, but not at this moment and asks him to make time to talk tomorrow. Rin agrees and Ryuji proceeds to call Lewin as Izumo Kamiki then shows the group a video posted on the internet of Shura and other Exorcists fighting.[3]

Shura and the other Exorcists surround the Cyclops and together with a Jack Frost unit, attack it to destroy its eye. After being told that they have been unable to reach Lewin, Shura asks what it will take to Exorcise the Cyclops. An Exorcists explains that it will rampage until it's eye is closed and that fighting one in the distant past, that the battle field became a sea of flames. Shura says that they must freeze it to prevent that, but the Cyclops then shoots a beam on energy from it's eye into the city. Shura then orders a full retreat.[4]

Shura laments being powerless to stop the Cyclops as Lewin suddenly arrives. Shura wastes no time in showing him how angry she is for his lateness. Lewin says that he is there to help and then summons General Frost and implores it to infuse it's power into Shuras sword. Shura then launches an assault against the Cyclops while Lewin directs the Jack Frost unit to perform a Suicide Attack. The twos attacks combined make short work of the Cyclops and the battle is won. They are then informed that the Cyclops' beam had damaged a cenotaph nearby releasing ghosts and shadows. With a look of disdain, Shura tells Lewin that it is all his.[5]

Arriveing at the Cenotaph, Lewin asks Yukio if he should take over for him before questioning him about pulling his pistol on Ryuji. Yukio is shocked that Ryuji had already told Lewin. He tells Yukio that Ryuji called to ask him if he could tell him about their investigation, but he told him no. He continues asking him what it is he wants to know so badly and that if he wont talk then why should he. Lewin continues to comment as Yukio walks away before calling out Renzo, whom was hiding nearby.[6]

Renzo then pleads with Lewin to remove the Sylph Bell since he is also a spy for the order. Lewin surprisingly agrees but says that Renzo must do something for him in exchange. Suddenly, Osceola Redarm then arrives on scene. He quickly apprachs Lewin and then presents an order to arrest him for assaulting Dragulescu. Osceola orders Lewin to be restrained and Lewin begins to fight back. He then slams in Yukio and whispers in his ear "I love Sushi 0147aa" before Osceola apprehends him. Yukio is very confused as the Exwires arrive on scene. Lewin tells Ryuji to finish his report even though he may be gone for awhile because he got caught.[7]

Later in the evening the Exwires are shown to be back at the academy. Ryuji furiously works on his report while the others are watching the news. Rin suggest that they all get something to eat to try and cheer them all up. As they prepare to feast, Shiemi Moriyama notices that it is snowing outside. Rin then wonders if Yukio is getting anything warm to eat.[8]

Yukio is still fighting with the other Exorcists when he notices a small flash drive has been planted on him. He immediately knows it was Lewins doing and asks if he can use a computer at the base site where they are all at. Being granted permission, he quickly opens the drive and then begins searching for answers.[9]

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Cyclops
  2. Jack Frost
  3. General Frost
  4. Shadow
  5. Cat Sídhe

Battles & Events[]

  • True Cross Order vs. Cyclops
  • Arrest of Lewin Light

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

Weapons used[]

Abilities used[]

Techniques used[]

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