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Chapter 77



Modorenakute Momōī no

Translated Title

It's All Right if I Don't Go Back

English Title

As If Begging for Tears

Volume 17

Aomori Hachirotaro arc

Release Date

March 4, 2016

Jump Square Issue

April 2016

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It's All Right If I Don't Go Back is the 77th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.


Hachiro has hypnotized Shura and Yukio in order to make Shura pregnant. Hachiro disables Rin because he knows that Rin isn't completely human and Rin is a threat. Yukio resists Hachrio's hypnosis in order not to have sex with Shura. Hachrio gives up on hypnotizing Yukio and focuses on Shura who let her guard down. Shura is shown 'humping' Yukio until she regains her senses. An awkward moment was shown between Yukio and Shura who were fully aware of what was happening. Rin attacks Hachrio in order to let Shura be free. Hachrio reminds Rin that Shura has a blood contract and therefore it can't be broken. Rin tries to burn Hachrio with his sword but Shura tells him "Its okay" and tries to kill herself. Yukio tells Shura "Don't even think about it.". Hachrio uses magic to make Shura throw the sword away. Yukio proposes that the contract from Shura is shifted to him with her regenerative blood and demon sword Fang. He says he would either have a child with Shura or find an organization that will kill Shura and her future descendants. Yukio claims he wants the power and sword because he wants to "stand up" to Rin. He then shoots Rin about six times. He turns to Shura and tells her "I'll be good to you." After the transfer of the seal Yukio tells Rin "now" as in get up and fight. It is then revealed that Yukio shot Rin with nutrient bullets which actually strengthen Rin. It seems as Shura is free but since Hachrio has regenerative powers he isn't dead and now he tries to kill all three of the exorcists.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Hydra

Battles & Events[]

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

Weapons used[]

Abilities used[]

  • Flames of Satan

Techniques used[]

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  • This chapter was originally titled As If Begging for Tears (泣けとばかりに Nake to Bakari ni) in the Jump SQ. April 2016 edition, but was changed when the chapter was republished in the 17th volume release.


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