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Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

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Ep. 9: Memories

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Memory is the 7th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

With the debacle being revealed to have been the Exwire Examination, the students are put on edge with the results pending; Yukio, however, becomes more transfixed on Igor Neuhaus' reckless endangerment of Rin and the other students. Later on, Igor attacks Rin, but Yukio takes the necessary measures to prevent his brother's untimely murder. Taking their battle to the roof of their dormitory, Rin, with his choice words, forces a retreat from a badly wounded Igor. The next day, Mephisto reveals that everyone is to become an Exwire and takes them all out to dinner; during the meal, he calls his brother, Amaimon, and demands that he come and help him with Rin's growth, as Igor's work was unsatisfactory.


Mephisto arrives

Mephisto appears

Interrupting Rin's vocal surprise at seeing Igor Neuhaus, Mephisto arrives in the room and says that he purposely let Demons into the academy. As professors with Doctor Meister appear as well, Mephisto reveals that the whole situation was the Exwire examination (the professors also acted as judges for the Pages) and tells everyone to wait until tomorrow for the results of the teachers' scrutinous judgment. After the fact, the others stress over the impending results; Izumo reminds them that Yukio told them to work as a team and calls herself the worst at teamwork, but Ryuji tells her that Yamada and Nemu are far worse. Their bickering wakes Shiemi up, and after apologizing to her, everyone present thanks her for her hard work and tells her that she's assured to pass the exam and become an Exwire. After this, Rin is questioned as to how he beat the Naberius he encountered, to which he replies that he merely stabbed it, which piques the interest of Ryuji and Izumo.

Elsewhere, Yukio finds Igor and asks to speak with him; he starts by chastising him for his reckless endangerment of the students, explaining that his actions could have caused the exam to fall apart as well as force Rin to have had to have reveal his flames to the others. After being told that he should have been sworn to secrecy by Mephisto, Igor says that he was ordered to instigate Rin's growth by Mephisto, as opposed to Yukio hindering it, which irks the Okumura brother. After denying that he had any intentions of killing Rin, Igor walks away.

Later on, as Shiemi sits in the Exorcist Shop with Nee, Yukio walks in and tells her that he's here to speak with her. As they do so, Yukio asks if she remembers when they first met; after reminiscing, Shiemi tells Yukio that she admires him and thinks he's amazing, but Yukio tells her that he's not great and that he used to be a crybaby, explaining that he relied on Rin for everything. Going on, Yukio tells Shiemi that she needs to be be more prepared now that she can be a Tamer and is making the effort to change. Then, remembering Igor's earlier words, Yukio declines a cup of Tea from the young woman and leaves with haste.

Concurrently, Igor walks into Rin's room while he sleeps and stabs his bed, but finds Rin to be elsewhere and Yukio to be behind him, holding him at gunpoint. Rin then awakes with Shiemi at his side and the two hear a loud noise above; Igor attacks Yukio and leads him to the roof, where he dodges Yukio's questions about killing Rin. Distracting Yukio with numerous Naberius hands, Igor summons an Upper Class Naberius to do battle for him, however, Rin appears and attacks the Demon with his flames before trying to attack Igor. Calling Rin a filthy Demon, Igor releases a large amount of Holy Water and ridicules him for being a Demon in a human's skin before ultimately attacking him with his Naberius, ordering him to die. Before such an objective can be achieved, though, Yukio erases the magic circle, causing the Naberius to vanish; Rin puts his sword to Igor's neck and demands to know who the man truly is, whereas Yukio advises him not to keep summoning high-class Demons, lest his body fall apart. It is then that Igor reveals that he is a survivor of the Blue Night and that he lost his eye and his entire family to Satan, and that because of that he will never forgive any Demons, let alone Satan's son.

Igor tries to kill Rin, but fails; as a result, Rin sheathes his sword and tells Igor that he'll fight as many times as he'd like, but pleads that he doesn't involve innocent bystanders. Giving them a warning about another like himself, Igor leaves; on his way down, he comes across Shiemi and brushes her aside. Back on the roof, Yukio admonishes Rin, but he lifts his shirt and reveals that his wounds are already healing, which he takes to mean that he's really a monster. Shiemi then arrives on the roof and demands to treat Rin, however as she does so she begins to cry about having made a decision regarding what to do about herself, during which Yukio states that he's no match for his brother. The next day, Mephisto reveals that everyone has been promoted to Exwire and offers to take them out to eat. During the meal, Mephisto apologizes to Yukio in private for Igor's behavior, citing that he'll make sure it doesn't repeat itself. Mephisto then picks up the phone after Yukio leaves and calls a certain individual to come and accelerate Rin's growth, as Igor hadn't done a satisfactory job. Hanging up the phone, Amaimon, with his partner Behemoth, wonders how long it will be until Rin joins Satan and Mephisto, and states that he could use some time to kill.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Naberius
  2. Greenman
  3. Goblin

Battles & Events[]

  • Exwire Examination (concluded)
  • Rin Okumura & Yukio Okumura vs. Igor Neuhaus (started and concluded)

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