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Chapter 69



Jōsō-bu Entaku Kaigi

Translated Title

Upper Class Round Table Meeting

English Title

A High-Level Conference

Volume 16

Exorcist Exam arc

Release Date

July 4, 2015

Jump Square Issue

August 2015

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A High-Level Conference (上層部圓卓会議 Jōsō-bu Entaku Kaigi) is the 69th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.


In his room, Rin Okumura talks to Kuro about his new kotatsu. Kuro is very happy and says he loves kotatsu, but wonders why it has no futon covering it to make it warm, to which Rin answers he will put it later when it gets colder. Then, Rin decides that they will make a nabe party at that time, much to Kuro's excitement. At that moment, Yukio arrives home and agrees with Rin that that kotasu is a good find, since it looks as good as new. Then, he says he will head out again and doesn't need dinner, saying it will be like that for a while and Rin should only do his own food. While Yukio leaves, Rin suspects his brother is acting weird and works too hard.

Meanwhile in the Vatican Main Office, the headquarters of the True Cross Order, several important members of the order meet. Mephisto begins by talking about the Illuminati. He starts telling that the Illuminati took over the city of Inari for 6 to 7 years, controlling the residents with drugs and making them subjects of experimentation. He admits that the chance of finding any further information is low, since they left without trace. Drac Dragulesc admits that, however, having some of Illuminati's Zombies was a great catch, adding that they are at the moment undergoing examination. He explains that the zombies have a very fast body regeneration, but are killed after 30 shots in the brain. Drac then adds that the five bigger zombies who no longer had humanoid forms were cryogenized, because they regenerated even better than the others. One of the Grigori members claims that it is the doing of demons with no fear of God. Arthur comments that the Illuminati is sending experimental bodies like they are small fries, adding that lower-class exorcists would have difficulty with them. Drac answers that his team is trying to find a way to exorcise them, to which Arthur responds that he counts on him and his team.

Blending in the conversation, Lewin asks Mephisto about Igor Neuhaus, an expert in the researching of Ghouls and Zombies, who could help in the research. After Draac agrees with him, he clears up to the other members of the reunion who he is, talking about his rank and job, explaining he got suspended after attacking Rin. Being asked about Neuhaus' whereabouts, Mephisto admits he does not know where he is and that he is trying to find him, making Lewin wonder where he had went. Suspecting Mephisto is lying, Arthur asks him if he is telling the truth, making Mephisto notice he does not hide his distrust towards him, as expected. Mephisto adds, however, that he has information from his spy. According to his spy, Renzo, the Illuminati now have as their top priority to make the Demon Eaters target high-level demons with both immortality and regenerative abilities around the world, since the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit experiment had failed. However, Arthur does not believe in information from a "fishy spy" as his, not hiding his hostility towards Mephisto too. Interrupting the argument, Lewin states they will make sure to keep a sharp eye on the matter, since there is no problem in a little reinforcement. Drac adds that, looking at the state of the current test subjects, there is no mistake that the Elixir is still incomplete, proving Mephisto's spy is right, much to Arthur's disappointment.

One of the Grigori members presumes that, in other words, the Illuminati was not yet able to created a vessel strong enough for Satan to possess, being that a quite large fact. Turning the conversation to Mephisto, he asks if his spy can search for the elixir's experiment center, getting a positive answer. The Grigori adds that, if they could destroy Illuminati's facilities and data, even if the artificial Gehenna Gate ended up opening, Satan's matter would be avoided. However, Osceola Redarm, one of the four arc knights, complains that they should think more seriously about the opening of the gate, because even if the gate was contained around Mephisto's barrier, the swarming of demons around it is out of control, having already noticed contamination around it. Getting into the conversation, Lucy Yang mentions that the demons around the world are getting more active, including upper-class demons, which have been making her busy. She wonders what would happen if the gate was fully opened, to which Mephisto answers that humans would be able to see demons and that perhaps the world would look like a depiction of hell. She comments that that is a horrible thing and asks if the postponement could be extended, but Mephisto says it is impossible and stopping time is more dangerous than the Gehenna gate opening, something that could make the world destroy it.

When Mephisto admits Illuminati is one of the Order's worst enemy, Arthur gets angry and accuses Mephisto of trying to foment fear and of being a traitor. Undisturbed by those accusations, Mephisto unbuttons the top of his coat, showing a bruise in his chest, complaining that he, too, has been putting his body on the line. Lewin states that it is not time to fight, since they are still staggering for their enemy's attack and need to devote their time to heal and adjust their gears. Lucy agrees and asks about what they should do about their lack of personnel, and Grigori states that first they should disclose that information to those of the Brach Chief class and command them to increase the number of exorcists. Osceola affirms they will also have to notify the government of each country about it. Drac wonders if they will be taking it seriously, making Lewin agree that it was like always. To put an end to the meeting, Grigori states that once the Gate is opened, the knights' power would be more requested; for now, they should stay united and wait for the disasters that would come.

While Lewin and Arthur leave the meeting together, Lewin apologizes for not being by his side on most of the conversation, since he is his right hand. However, Arthur does not mind, because he is his brain, and that if it is for the sake of the order, he should hold back because of him. Smiling in a funny way, Lewin states that is something he loves about him, and then asks for a request. Answering to Arthur, who wanted to know his request, he asks him to make up some reason to transfer himself to the Japanese branch, because he thinks that will be a shortcut to get to the Illuminati and that it is a heavy load for Shura to monitor everything by herself. Arthur agrees, because that also could help them watch on Mephisto. Wondering, he asks Lewin if he is not a defense-focused person, to which he answers he is when he thinks for the organization; however, as a person, he has no intention of being defensive at all.

The story turns, once again, to Rin's side. In the end of the Demon Pharmacology class, Yukio returns the quizzes they did in the day before, handing to Rin first, telling him he worked as hard as he could, leaving Rin puzzled. However, when Rin looks at the sheet of paper, his eyes pop out and he yells his score is awesome like him, while Shiemi gets her test. Turning the conversation to Shiemi, he tells her that his quiz had an amazing grade, and she admits she had a good one too. Rin decides to have a "battle" with her, comparing the tests. After Rin laughs at his improvement, showing a score of 68, Shiemi apologizes and shows that she improved a lot too, having a score of 100, surprising Rin. Confused, Rin asks her if she was not dumb, while she answers she is really good at pharmacology, and the only problem she had was the names that she invented, and now she had learned the real names. Bon intervenes and says people who are admitted after the start of the school year are not stupid, making Rin think that is awesome and admit he just changed his opinion about her, who feels embarrassed and answers that is rude. After a while, the bell rings, which makes Rin think the class is over. Nevertheless, Yukio apologizes and says he still has something to tell the class, saying he got a notification from Mephisto. Having caught everyone's attention, Yukio says the exorcist certification exam was brought forward, surprising everybody. Handing the students some sheets of paper, he says they would get an explanation for it later, and that they should also resubmit the meisters they want to apply for in those paper sheets, being their final decision to choose carefully. Izumo wonders why did they bring the exams forward so suddenly. Abruptly, Konekomaru notices the Demons Studies class is outdoors, leaving with Izumo and Bon, while Renzo leaves for his recitation class.

Staying in the classroom, Rin asks Shiemi what class are they having next, to which she answers its the Demon Psychology Class. Turning to Yukio, he asks him if he will come home late again, having a positive answer. Rin then asks his brother what does he eat at night, who answers he eats convenience store food, fast food and supplements. Worried, Rin states that is not a balanced diet, but Yukio says it is alright because it is delicious, to which Rin disagrees. Putting an end to the conversation, Yukio thanks Rin but repeats it is fine and he should not worry, since he would come back home once in a while. Leaving, Yukio asks Shiemi to consult him if she wanted to ask something. When Yukio closes the door and they wait or the teacher, Shiemi calls for Rin and asks what's happening to his brother, surprising Rin. Shiemi explains that Yukio seems like is distancing himself from Rin, because he is making to him the same smile he makes to her. In an attempt of lowering Shiemi's worries, Rin says it is because Yukio wants to act cool, but Shiemi disagrees, saying that, to her, it feels like she is being told to not involve herself any further, while when he talks to Rin or Shura, he is his true self. Flustered, she wonders if she is overthinking, while Rin answers she looks at Yukio a lot and that she is right, but there is nothing they can do about it. Shiemi suggests Rin to ask his brother about it, but he says he is done it already and that is why Yukio is acting that way. Thinking of Yukio's past, Rin says he is no good, because Yukio always hated losing.

Yukio goes to an abandoned town covered with demons, the place where he first met Todo. Coming inside a building prohibited by the True Cross Order, Yukio thinks he can use this place to do what he intends to do. Remembering what his father once told him, Yukio admits he wants to be even stronger than his brother, Rin.

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