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Chapter 67



Pinku Supaidā Kōhen

Translated Title

Pink Spider Sequel

English Title

Pink Spider: Part 3

Volume 15

Exorcist Exam arc

Release Date

May 2, 2015

Jump Square Issue

June 2015

Anime Episode

Episode 49

Chapter 66
Chapter 68
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Pink Spider: Part 3 (ピンクスパイダー後編 Pinku Supaidā Kōhen) is the 67th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Rin and his friends are kicked out of Mephisto's office and start talking about Shima, who Ryuji doesn't trust. After he runs away with Konekomaru and Shiemi says she doesn't want it to be like that, they part in separate ways. Meanwhile, Yukio remembers the moment when he first met Lucifer, who told him he was interesting and that he could get the power he wanted. Then, he tells Renzo to tell Lucifer that he doesn't want to follow Illuminati's ideals. In the next morning, Shima wakes up for a run, having a little talk with Suguro about finnaly finding out what he wanted; Bon answers him with a "I don't trust you, but good luck". Then he talks to a misterious Illuminati member in the shadows, who tells him to keep pressuring Yukio. After he leaves the place where he met the person in the shadows, he smiles, and admits he's having too much fun.


Rin complains about Mephisto's ideals, shouting while Ryuji tells everyone to calm down for a second, and Izumo says she agrees with him for the first time. Shiemi then nervously asks if they can be Renzo's friends again, since he is back to school. Rin pats her head and tells her not to worry, because everyone had said they believed in Shima. However, when he turns around, he sees Ryuji's angered face, claiming that he obviously didn't trust him, amd the only reason he had said that was to save Shima from his situation. Konekomaru tries to speak to Ryuji, who interrupts him and asks if he still believes in Renzo, saying he doesn't know what to believe in anymore. Watching Suguro walk away while Konekomaru tries to follow him, Shiemi tearfully says she doesn't want that, and Kamiki agrees with her for the first time too.

Meanwhile, Renzo's conversation with Yukio continues, as Shima quotes Lucifer's words, claiming he wants something from him, as long as Yukio wants "to be saved", and that his arms are open for him whenever he's ready. Yukio then remembers their mission to rescue Izumo and Renzo. Shortly after Konekomaru had checked if Yukio was alright and he told him to look for the others, a very strong light appeared in front of Yukio, forcing to close his eyes. When he opens them, he notices it's actually Lucifer, and starts trembling in fear. However, Lucifer politely greets him and introduces himself as the King of Light, adding that Todo had told him interesting things about Yukio and that he always wanted to meet him. While Yukio keeps trembling and even tries to point a gun at him, he starts walking towards him and burns his gun, while saying he won't get hurt. Then, when he touches Yukio's face and stares at him, Yukio's eyes turn blue again, making Lucifer admit he really is an interesting person. Still staring at Yukio, he says he wants him and he will welcome him to the Illuminati. Grinding his teeth, Yukio pushes him back, shouting it's enough. Lucifer says he isn't protected enough, because if the knights found out about his eyes, Yukio would be locked up as a test subject or even get killed by the Order. While he tells him that he is a weak person, Yukio gets angry and asks Rin to lend him his flames, exactly before the place where he was locked with Lucifer gets exploded by Rin's "Satan Bomb". Before Yukio leaves, Lucifer tells Yukio that he won't force him, but can give him the power he needs. Before turning back, he asks Yukio if he wants to know the secret behind his birth and his eyes, saying it is all because he wants to save him. However, Yukio yells he doesnt need it, and Lucifer says he has a feeling they will meet again because he isn't strong in the heart, before he vanishes into the light.

When Yukio finally wakes back up, he tells Renzo to report his commander that he doesn't need it, and asks if Renzo is really in their side. Smiling, Renzo answers that he is obviously on their side, and since he is, he asks Yukio if he shouldn't be talking to someone about that. Claiming he has nothing more he can say, Renzo turns around and walks away, while Yukio tries to control himself.

In the next morning, Renzo wakes up while Konekomaru still sleeps, going out to run. In the halfway, he finds Ryuji, who was also running. When Ryuji tries to leave Renzo behind, Renzo follows him and thanks him for believing in him, winking. Bon gets angered and starts running away even faster, telling him to thank the others and do whatever he wants, because he's not going to say anything anymore. Renzo says that he has found what he wanted to do, finding "a world full of freedom." Confused, Ryuji asks him if he is referring to spying, and Renzo answers that he is, making his friend say that's messed up, while he apologizes. Still running, Renzo admits he thinks he has a gift for spying. Ryuji asks him if he decided to do it of his own, getting a positive answer. After Ryuji questions if he finds it any fun, Renzo agrees. Ryuji then wishes him luck and walks away.

After a while, Renzo meets up with a shadow from the Illuminati who asks him if he blended well, and he says he thinks so. He is asked about Yukio and repeats what he told him, and says that even if Yukio hesitated he probably won't tell anyone about it. The shadow tells him to keep pressuring, to which he promises to obey and leaves, while thinking to himself that he is having too much fun at the moment.

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  1. Chimera Zombie (flashback)

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