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Chapter 66



Pinku Supaidā Chūhen

Translated Title

Pink Spider Mid-Story

English Title

Pink Spider: Part 2

Volume 15

Exorcist Exam arc

Release Date

April 4, 2015

Jump Square Issue

May 2015

Anime Episode

Episode 48 (1-33) ( partially) Episode 49 (p.34-35) (Partially )

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Pink Spider: Part 2 (ピンクスパイダー中編 Pinku Supaidā Chūhen) is the 66th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Mephisto brings the Exwires, Yukio and Nemu to his office so Renzo can be deemed to be trustworthy by Lewin Light. The topic of conversation quickly turns to Mephisto, whom the Exwires attack for being untrustworthy, however Mephisto admits that most of the happenings that are surrounding them are due to his interferences, as well as that he thinks of everyone in the room, minus Lewin, to be his precious playing pieces. This angers Rin, and he calls Mephisto out on being the true traitor amidst them, however Mephisto becomes truly angered and dismisses Rin easily and exerts his hubris upon them. The Exwires then admit to Renzo being trustworthy and Lewin, as well as the Exwires (minus Renzo) leave, albeit the latter is due to Mephisto forcing them out of his office. After talking to Yukio and Renzo briefly, the two leave Mephisto's office, where Renzo asks Yukio if he remembers meeting Lucifer, the King of Light, with a malicious grin on his face.


Mephisto greets everyone, who remain dumbfounded by his dramatic entrance; Rin tries to question Mephisto, but he stops him, re-clothes Renzo and transports everyone in the room to his office in order to prevent an important guest from the Vatican from waiting. The guest, Lewin Light, marvels at Mephisto's powers, calling them something akin to magic, before introducing himself to the Exwires who have never met him. The Exwires, minus Rin, recognize Lewin as a master of Tamer and Aria, as well as the right-hand man of Arthur A. Angel, which makes him the second-highest ranked member of the True Cross Order. Flattered by the Exwires, Lewin reveals that Arthur saved the Grigori from Lucifer's Seraphims, which resulted in them coming out of it practically unscathed. After this, Lewin notices Rin and begins to enthusiastically talk to him until he is reminded by Mephisto that they have matters to attend to; he sits down and gets down to business.

Lewin addresses Renzo and congratulates him for infiltrating the Illuminati, but makes the point of his visit clear: he is to see if Renzo is trustworthy; and if he isn't, he is to be tortured. Lewin makes it clear, though, that he doesn't want to do this and desires to get everyone's opinions regarding Renzo, but first asks how he made it back into the Order, which Renzo explains was due to the Female Illuminati Member relaying orders from Lucifer for him to go back and continue being a double agent, lest he be killed for failing to convince his friends that he is trustworthy enough to be let back into their circle of trust. Upon hearing this, Lewin recognizes that Renzo has become an asset to both the Order and the Illuminati, but Mephisto tries to forward the conversation to how they're going to use Renzo to their advantage. Lewin then reminds Mephisto that they still need to see whether or not Renzo is trustworthy. Yukio agrees with Lewin that if Renzo betrays them, they will be misled; Lewin then asks everyone if Renzo can be trusted from their point of view.

After a bit of silence, Rin speaks up and says that "he" can't be trusted, and when Mephisto questions this, Rin states that Mephisto being untrustworthy is the whole reason Renzo is considered to be such. Rin then tries to tell everyone that Mephisto, or as he refers to him, "Samuel", is a Demon King and could be in league with Satan or Lucifer, but this just earns him ridicule, as it is common knowledge that Mephisto is Samael, the King of Time; he is even in illustrated demon guides. Izumo chimes in after this and tells Mephisto that Rin has a point; she thanks him for saving her sister, but wonders why she was never told, citing that things would have been different for her if she was told when enrolled. Izumo then goes further, citing that Saburota Todo enrolled Renzo into True Cross Academy, as well as that Renzo and Mephisto must have been aware of Todo's status as a traitor long before Kyoto, which Mephisto affirms.

With everyone ignoring Renzo, Yukio hypothesizes that Amaimon and Igor's attacks may have been orchestrated by Mephisto; he also admits that he released Hobgoblins on the first day of class to test Rin's abilities per Mephisto's orders. Trying to get Mephisto to answer the question he's always wanted an answer for, Yukio asks Mephisto why he saved and had the bastard son of Satan raised. Mephisto, however, merely smiles at this and congratulates everyone for becoming aware of his scheming, after which he slyly admits to being behind many events which have occurred since their enrollment. He points to everyone and calls them his precious pieces; Rin takes this to mean that they are his "toys", but Mephisto says that what they are is irrelevant, as he is definitely not their enemy. This greatly angers Rin, who slams his fists down on Mephisto's desk and calls him the real traitor. Mephisto calls Rin foolish and demands he step back, but when Rin questions why he should do as Mephisto says, Mephisto angrily says that it's to defeat Lucifer and pushes him away with his time-space manipulating powers, after which he adds that worms being under the control of a greater being like himself should suffice for them. Mephisto finishes his rage by spitting back to Rin the words Shiro himself spoke to the boy the day of his death regarding showing him how much he's grown up if he doesn't like the way things are.

Rin becomes frustrated, but Lewin steps in and ends the conflict, though he jovially admits that he now understands why Mephisto isn't trusted anywhere in the Order. Going on, Lewin asks if no one has any trust in Renzo; Renzo pleads for a chance to defend himself, but Ryuji stands up and declares that he trusts Renzo, after which the other Exwires, ending with Rin, declare that they do as well. Hearing this, Lewin takes his leave, announcing that he planned on letting Renzo go from the start, as well as that he is different from Arthur and the other higher-ups. Before he disappears, he says that he'll send them all a confidentiality agreement to prevent word from spreading.

With Lewin gone, Rin tries to turn the attention back to Mephisto, but he merely warps the Exwires, minus Renzo, and Takara outside, leaving only him, Renzo and Yukio in the room. Mephisto announces that he has things he still needs to discuss with the two of them, but looking outside at those he teleported, Mephisto notes that true, fearless friends are hard to come by, which Shima finds true as well. Chuckling, Mephisto also asks for Yukio to relate everything that happened to the still-hospitalized Shura, which he reluctantly agrees to. Yukio and Renzo then exit Mephisto's building; Yukio attempts to leave and thanks Renzo for his hard work, but Renzo stops him and asks if he ever met the "commander". Yukio turns around, shocked, and begins to remember the time he met the pale but strong King of Light, Lucifer, whom Renzo refers to with honorifics whilst letting out a malicious grin.

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