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Chapter 6


Translated Title

Now a Certain Man was Sick

English Title

One Suffers Here

Volume 2

Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

Anime Episode

Ep. 8: Now a Certain Man Was Sick...

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One Suffers Here is the 6th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Izumo thanks Rin for his help with the Naberius; the two are taken to see Noriko, where Yukio continues to treat her wounds. When the two brothers leave, Noriko tells Izumo that she plans on quitting the cram school, which affects her performance throughout the whole day and eventually sparks a conflict with Ryuji Suguro. As a result of this, the entire class is punished, but during their punishment, they are attacked by two Naberiuses; Rin diverts the attention of one only to find out that it is under the control of Igor Neuhaus, his teacher. When he returns to the room, he finds his friends to have defeated the other Naberius, and when Yukio walks into the room, Rin is shocked to see Neuhaus right behind him.


Izumo's reaction to Paku dropping out of Cram School

Izumo's reaction to Noriko dropping out of the cram school

The next day, as Rin is brushing his teeth, Izumo walks up to him and wishes him good morning whilst telling him that he isn't to tell anyone about her crying yesterday. When he asks who he would possibly tell, Izumo begins to yell at him to shut up promise her, but he replies that he won't and demands that she quiet herself instead. She then returns his shirt and thanks him for letting her borrow it, as well as for saving her and Noriko. Rin then sees that Izumo washed his shirt for him and tells her that she isn't such a bad person after all; she retorts that she only washed it because it was dirty, embarrassing Rin. At that moment, Yukio walks up the stairs and takes the two of them to Noriko's room where he administers the girl medication, telling her that she should be fine in two or three days, earning him her thanks. As Rin and Yukio get up to leave, Noriko thanks both brothers for their help. Walking down the hallways, Rin asks what happened to the Naberius from yesterday; Yukio replies that it was a rather high-class Demon and that although uncommon, they do sometimes enter the academy. Back in the room, Noriko asks Izumo if Rin is cool (which causes her to become flustered) and tells her that the two don't seem like twin brothers at all. She then goes on to say that she truly is quitting the cram school as she just doesn't belong in the world of Exorcists, adding on that she and her will always be friends and that she likes Izumo just the way she is.

Later, Rin lays on a rooftop and remembers what the Naberius said to him about taking order from a certain man; Rin wonders who this is. For a minute he think it's Satan, but can't think of a reason why he'd want him dead. Remembering Shiro's words about people coming after him. As he becomes angered that whoever is after him won't show themselves, Shiemi pops her head right over Rin's own, causing them to smack foreheads when he jumps in surprise. After the lightly bicker, Rin asks Shiemi what she's doing, to which she replies that she's drying everyone's sheets and that she doesn't need help. As he gets up to go to class, Rin asks Shiemi if she plans on becoming an Exorcist; she replies that she doesn't know, but that she wants to be of use to everyone and that she's starting by doing the washing.

The Exwires' punishment

The Exwires' punishment

Later, in Igor Neuhaus' class, the man calls on Izumo to fill in the missing section in the array he's drawn, but she tells him that she wasn't paying attention, much to her embarrassment. Next, in their scripture recitation class, the teacher calls on Izumo to recite the passage from Psalm 30, but she fails and becomes jealous when Ryuji recites it perfectly, calling him a show-off when he finishes. When Ryuji throws back a rude retort, Izumo calls all Aria users baggage and the two spark up an argument in which Izumo once more laughs at Ryuji's desire to beat Satan. When Ryuji asks what Izumo's reason for becoming an Exorcist is, Izumo recalls a terrible memory and tells Ryuji that she's never told anyone what her reasons are, adding that she doesn't expect a show-off like him to understand. With that, Ryuji grabs Izumo by the shirt, but as she prepares to punch him in the face, Rin steps in the way, taking the hit instead. Because of Izumo and Ryuji, the group is then collectively punished by being forced to hold Bariyons on their laps. When Izumo tells Yukio that she refuses to get along with everyone else, Yukio tells her that she has no choice as Exorcists cannot fight alone; if they do, they die, and if they fell out like this in battle, the collective punishment they'd face would be much greater. Yukio then leaves, as he has a mission to attend to, but not before telling everyone that he'll be locking the doors because of the Naberius incident. When Ryuji asks how they're supposed to leave, Yukio tells them that there's no need for them to leave and that they are to stay together and cool their heads for three hours.

The lights mysteriously die

The lights mysteriously die

When Yukio leaves, Ryuji and Izumo automatically spark up another argument in which he tells her that if she continues acting like she does, she'll drive everyone around her away. However, at that moment the lights go out, causing everyone to panic as their building is the only one affected. Renzo offers to go check the corridors, but when he opens the door the Naberius from the other day shows up, which once more causes panic to brew. The Naberius then attacks everyone by spraying its miasmic blood everywhere; Shiemi asks Nee to protect them, which it does by producing a tree from its body. Rin finds himself to be the only one unaffected by the Naberius' blood and tries to contact Yukio before Shiemi runs out of stamina, however he finds himself unable to get a hold of him. When Ryuji points out that Naberiuses are more active in the dark than in the light, Rin offers himself as bait to either lure them away or get help so they can escape, and despite everyone's protests he leaves the sanctity of the trees and confronts the two Demons. With his taunts, Rin manages to lure one of them away and looks for a way to turn the lights back on.

Renzo strikes the Ghoul

Renzo attacks the Naberius

Back in the room, the group sees that the final Naberius is trying to work its way inside their protection Ryuji and Konekomaru offer to go through all twenty-one chapters of the Gospel of St. John to find the Naberius' fatal verse. Despite Izumo calling them all crazy for putting themselves in harm's way, Renzo removes his K'rik from his person; Ryuji tells Izumo to stay back if she has no plans to help. With that, the Ryuji and Konekomaru start chanting their respective parts of St. John. Rin, meanwhile, finds the switchboard and attempts to turn the lights back on, but he is stopped by the Naberius, which angers him. However, as soon as he releases his flames, Igor Neuhaus steps out of the shadows, revealing to Rin that he was behind the two attacks involving the Naberiuses and that he lured Rin away to see his flames. Hearing this, Rin draws Kurikara and slays the Naberius, which gives Igor the chance to get away. Concurrently, in the room, Ryuji reaches the final chapter of St. John just as Shiemi faints, which causes their protection to fade, thereby allowing the Naberius to attack them. Renzo, in an effort to defend everyone, attacks the Demon with his K'rik while Izumo rushes to Shiemi's side to see if she's okay; Shiemi wakes up and slowly tells Izumo that she's not acting like her normal self before asking if she's alright. This shocks Izumo, as even in her wounded state, she's still concerned about her. With Renzo's K'rik getting knocked out of his hand, Izumo calls upon Uke and Mike to help her and attacks the Naberius just as Rin manages to turn the lights back on. With the Demon now weakened, Ryuji finishes reciting its fatal verse, killing it.

With that, Rin walks right back into the room and nonchalantly tells everyone that he killed the other Naberius; Ryuji comedically punches Rin for his stupidity, telling him that he could've gotten himself killed, as well as that he himself almost died. As this takes place, Izumo makes sure Shiemi is okay and tells her that although she doesn't like her, she did a good job. With their battle over, Yukio walks back into the room; Neuhaus follows him in, which surprises both of the Okumura twins.

Meanwhile, back in her room, Noriko thinks to herself that she likes Izumo just how she is.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Greenman
  2. Bariyon
  3. Naberius
  4. Byakko

Battles & Events[]

  • Ryuji Suguro, Renzo Shima, Shiemi Moriyama, Konekomaru Miwa & Izumo Kamiki vs. Naberius (started and concluded)
  • Exwire Examination

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  • The title of this chapter is taken from the first line of the Gospel of John.
    • The English release of the manga uses the phrase 'One Suffers Here', which does not match any english variation of the biblical verse, but the anime corrects this in their adaptation of the episode.


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