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Chapter 55


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I Thought of Them as My Brothers

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Like Siblings


Shimane Illuminati arc

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Episode 44

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Like Siblings is the 55th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

The group discovers that what they have discovered is a Zombie, and as they deal with the one present, they discover that not only is it unable to be killed via conventional means, but also that more are coming after them; Gedōin watches from his lab and remarks on the power of his failed Elixir experiments. However, as Rin refuses to kill the Zombies as they are still technically human, the group is caught in an Illuminati trap and is separated. Meanwhile, Renzo has a brief skirmish with Izumo in which he not only defeats her, but also mercilessly kills her familiars, Uke and Mike. As Lucifer completely recovers from his illness and awakens, Rin finds himself having fallen into a pit full of Zombies. While he fumbles around in the darkness, hearing the Zombies come closer, he remembers Renzo's words on how to survive: be prepared to kill humans.


Zombie-Ghoul differences

Konekomaru explains the differences between Ghouls and Zombies

The group stares in awe at the strange human-shaped creature; Yukio draws his pistol and tells everyone that it is a Ghoul, but when he hears it speak he shoots it several times in the head. Konekomaru arrives at that moment and asks if what Yukio shot was a Ghoul, but he says that it isn't and informs everyone that it was a Zombie. When Rin asks what the difference between the two is, Konekomaru explains that Demons parasitize bodies affected by necrosis and that as a result, unlike Ghouls, Zombies, under the right conditions, have the ability to talk, as well as adding that Zombies are much more difficult to handle than Ghouls because of their aggressiveness and tendency to eat humans. Yukio then adds that their means of creation are also starkly different as Ghouls are already dead, whereas Zombies are still living humans and that the best way to save the humans affected by them is to just kill them, as nobody has ever recovered regained their humanity during such advanced stages of necrosis, which leaves Rin very perturbed. Konekomaru then sees a tag on the body that says "Experiment Body 6411", which causes him to wonder what experiments were being conducted. However, as he leans down the Zombie reveals itself to be alive and lunges at Konekomaru, but Yukio saves him by once more shooting it in the head, remarking that his bullets most definitely passed through its brain. As Yukio deals with the current Zombie, Shiemi calls everyone's attention to the many new ones that are moving towards them, which causes Rin to wonder when so many got into the mall. Konekomaru, though, reveals that the Zombie that Yukio repeatedly shot at is healing from its injuries, which shocks both him and Rin greatly. The new Zombies, shouting at them, continue to come closer, but Yukio shoots at them and tells everyone to find the underground entrance to the Illuminati headquarters.

Meanwhile, from his lab, Gedōin laughs at the group's struggle with his immortal Zombies, explaining that they are the leftovers from his failed Elixir of Life experiments. Telling his assistant to zoom in so he can watch their deaths, he sees that Yukio and Rin are among them and begins to panic as those two are being kept under watch by the Illuminati. His panic subsides quickly, however, as he tells his assistant to drop them into the "feeding rooms" so that he can capture them as a present for Lucifer. Back in the mall, Ryuji offers to attack them with his bazooka, but Yukio tells him that firearms aren't working so they should stop using them. Konekomaru then explains that if Ryuji's bazooka fails to kill them, then they'll have to deal with walking torches, but adds that if Rin turns them to ash with his flames they'll be able to survive. Rin becomes conflicted as he has to fight humans, but Yukio tells him that if he continues to hesitate then they'll all die; a door underneath them opens up and the group is separated as they all fall down a different set of tubes.

Creeping Flame

Renzo kills Mike

Concurrently, in the corridors of the headquarters, Renzo and Yamantaka continue to stare down Izumo and her Byakko while reminding her that Yamantaka's flames are designed to burn beings from Gehenna, which causes Uke to whimper. As he finishes that it is because of this that she should come back quietly, Izumo adds that he isn't allowed to hurt her, which Shima confirms as being true as they'll get extremely mad at him though he tells her that he is allowed to make her faint just like he did the other day. In light of all this, she tries to make Uke and Mike escape, but the latter fox yells at her for thinking of such a thing. However, regardless, Izumo runs at Shima and tries to attack him, but he easily incapacitates her and threatens to make her brain-dead if she continues to resist, which he notes would be more convenient for her experimentation, something what scares the young girl. At that moment, though, Uke and Mike save Izumo and tell her that they're her only weapons and that she should use them. Upon seeing Mike put up a resistance, Shima chants and then performs Ground Crawling Flames, which causes Mike to catch fire. With his last breath, Mike tells Izumo to hurry and go; his death sends Uke into a rage and he too attacks Renzo despite Izumo's begging for him to run away, but he too is killed by Renzo. As he walks towards Izumo, she tells Renzo with an anguished look on her face that she thought of them as her own siblings. With a sarcastic grin, Renzo half-heartedly apologizes to Izumo for killing the two Byakko. After that, she is recaptured by the Illuminati and Renzo is berated by Lund and Strom for stealing all the fun from them. Though he apologizes for stealing the merit (as he wants to be recognized by the organization as well), Renzo faints once more from exhaustion.

Lucifer awakens

Lucifer awakens

In his private quarters, hooked up to a strange machine, Lucifer awakens just as Renzo faints, revealing himself to be completely healed. As he rises, he looks off into the distance rather sternly. At that same time, Gedōin rejoices, as Izumo has been recaptured and tells his assistants to leave the group in the feeding rooms. The Female Illuminati Member then ends communication with Lucifer and tells Gedōin that he has awoken, but when he addresses him by name she reprimands him, saying that he should only be addressed as "Commander" and that he is far too informal. Adding that he intends to speak to them, she orders Gedōin to prepare a way to clear up the problems before talking about them; he laughs and tells her that he's glad that Lucifer has awoken, but then internally tells the woman that he's going to make her pay for patronizing him.

Meanwhile, Rin reaches the feeding room and as he fumbles around in the dark, calls out to see if anyone is nearby. However, what he hears are a horde of Zombies come towards him. Remembering Renzo's words about needing to be prepared to kill humans if he wants to survive, Rin looks on into his inky black surroundings, unsure of what to do.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Zombie
  2. Yamantaka
  3. Byakko

Battles & Events[]

  • Izumo Kamiki vs. Renzo Shima (started and concluded)

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

Weapons used[]

Abilities used[]

  • Demon Form
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

Techniques used[]


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