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Chapter 5


English Title

Flock of Plovers

Volume 2

Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

Release Date

August 04, 2009

Jump Square Issue

September 2009

Anime Episode

Ep. 7: A Flock of Plovers

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Flock of Plovers is the 5th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Shiemi's resolve to make friends ends up landing her as Izumo's slave. When Rin and Noriko bring this to her attention, she denies herself as being such. Later, when one of Igor Neuhaus' Naberius familiars attacks Izumo and Noriko while they prepare to bathe, Rin and Shiemi rush to rescue them. Though with the aide of Yukio they dispatch the Naberius, Izumo remains shaken by Noriko's comments about her not being a good friend and her desire to drop out of the cram school. After the fact, Rin finds Izumo and gives her his shirt so she can cover herself up and leave the bathhouse.


Preparing to enter class, Shiemi tells herself that she'll make a friend today and try her best to greet everyone properly, ending that she wishes for her grandmother to watch over her. Opening the door, Shiemi sees Izumo and Noriko and tells herself that she'll make them her friends, but when she goes to greet them, she falls over. As Izumo derides her and Noriko apologizes, Rin arrives and asks Shiemi what's wrong; she says nothing is wrong and remembering that Rin said they weren't friends, Shiemi decides that she can't depend on Rin and that she must be strong.

Konekomaru explains Meister

Konekomaru explains Meister

As class starts, Yukio tells them that they'll be on break for a month and a half, but before that there is the Exwire Exam, which he adds will have a one-week training camp to prepare them for the exam, which starts next week. Handing out forms, Yukio tells the class to write down which Meister they want to train in and submit it to him by Monday. Not understanding what's going on, Rin looks to Shiemi for help but remembers Ryuji's words about him not taking his studies seriously and dismisses her concerns. Later, he goes up to Ryuji and asks him what a Meister is, which earns him some chiding from Ryuji and Renzo; Konekomaru politely explains what a Meister is, which Rin expresses his gratitude for. Konekomaru then tells Rin that he and Renzo have their sights set on Aria, and that Ryuji has his on Aria and Dragoon; Konekomaru also tells Rin that Yukio got a Meister in Doctor and Dragoon, which amazes Rin. However, when he asks what a Dragoon is, Ryuji once again becomes angry and tells Rin that Dragoons fight using artillery and that Knights fight using swords. When he hears this, Rin decides that his Meister is going to be in Knight. From afar, Shiemi watches the boys and reveals that she doesn't know what to do, but decides that she can't follow around Rin and Yukio forever.

Izumo summons two Byakko

Izumo summons two Byakko

Later that day, during a class, Igor Neuhaus draws a magic circle and tells everyone not to step on it, as it will lose its effect. Drawing his own blood, he allows some to drip on the circle and summons his familiar, a Naberius, and tells his class that they are going to try and summon familiars in an effort to see if they have the fortitude to tame Demons. Izumo draws her own blood and puts it on the paper that Igor gave them earlier, allowing her to summon two Byakko, which earns her Igor's praise. The boys all fail to summon anything, but when Shiemi tries, she summons a small Greenman, which also earns her Igor's praise. Hoping to earn Izumo's praise, which she sarcastically gives, Shiemi tells her that she's also summoned a familiar but she doesn't recognize the insult. Igor then goes on to say that Tamers are valuable resources, but also tells them that they will be attacked if they lack conviction and to tear up their summoning paper if they feel in danger.

After class, Shiemi chases after Izumo and tells her to wait, causing her to turn around and angrily question her, but Shiemi ignores this and embarrassingly asks Izumo to be her friend, surprising Izumo. Slyly smiling, she tells Shiemi that she'll be her friend, but quickly turns her into more of a servant, which Rin takes notice of. In front of their dorm, Rin learns from Yukio that they're the only ones who live in it; the girls arrive at the dormitory, where Noriko tells Shiemi that if she doesn't want to do something then she should just say so. Shiemi replies that she wants to help her friends which not only leaves Noriko stunned, but also the nearby Rin. Later, at the study session, Yukio tells everyone to pass in their papers; Rin tells everyone that he's going to go out for fresh air. Izumo, however, tells Noriko that they should take a bath, which Renzo hears about. Expressing his desire to peak, he is berated by his friends. Shiemi also hears this and asks to join them, but Izumo tells her that she doesn't want her to see her naked and coldly tells her to go fetch her something to drink. At that moment, Rin passes Shiemi by and grabs her arm to prevent her from leaving, telling her that she's acting like Izumo's slave. Shiemi counters that she's helping Izumo, but Rin asks her if she truly believes that she's doing so, where, upon hearing this, she admits her desire to want to be strong. As she runs away, Rin chases after her; meanwhile, in the bathhouse, Noriko calls Izumo out on her treatment of Shiemi, but she denies ever really being Shiemi's friend and calls her her one and ony best friend. Though Noriko says she can't keep up with the classwork, Izumo tells her that she'll help her along the way and flashes back to the day they became friends.

Izumo and Noriko spot the Naberius

Izumo and Noriko spot the Naberius

Noriko, however, tells Izumo that she plans on quitting the cram school and after Izumo vehemently protests, tells her that she isn't a true friend, as well as adding that she doesn't like how Izumo takes advantage of earnest people. Just then, blood drips from the ceiling and the girls discover a Naberius lurking above them. As they scream, Rin and Shiemi hear them, which causes the former to run back towards the bathhouse whilst ordering Shiemi to go get Yukio; Shiemi marvels at Rin's strength and meekly tells him not to leave her behind. Back in the bathhouse, Izumo notices Noriko's flesh rotting away because of the Naberius' attack and summons her Byakko, but upon sensing the doubt in her heart they turn on her.

The Naberius attacks Rin

The Naberius attacks Rin

Before they can do any harm, Rin arrives and punches the fox away, telling Izumo to tear up the paper, which she promptly does. Shiemi then bursts into the bathhouse and tells Rin to distract the Naberius while she treats Noriko, which he does, though the Naberius refers to Rin as "prince" very brokenly before attacking him; she treats the burns with Aloe produced by her small Greenman. The Naberius apologizes to Rin for hurting him, explaining that it's the will of its master that it kill him. At his limit, Rin reaches for Kurikara but before he can draw it, Yukio arrives and shoots the Naberius; Rin chastises him for being late. Upon inspecting Noriko's body, Yukio tells Shiemi that she treated the Mashō correctly. Regaining consciousness, Noriko thanks Shiemi, which causes her to happily smile. As he walks around the corner, Rin spots Izumo crying, where she tells him that she didn't want anyone seeing her like this as she berates herself for being unable to help her only friend. Throwing Izumo his shirt, he tells her to put it on and hurry out of the bathhouse.

Elsewhere, Igor waits atop a building for his Naberius to return. When it does, he asks if it's growling at him, but instead concludes that it's laughing at him for becoming the slave of a Demon. Back in the bathhouse, Rin approaches everyone shirtless, which he is questioned about; he replies that he just decided to "go with the flow".

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Naberius
  2. Byakko
  3. Greenman

Battles & Events[]

  • Terror in the Bathhouse

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

Weapons used[]

Abilities used[]

  • Master Marksmanship
  • Plant Production

Techniques used[]

  • None

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