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Chapter 4



Takashiri tera no Ko

English Title

Child of a Cursed Temple

Volume 2

Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

Release Date

July 4, 2009

Jump Square Issue

August 2009

Anime Episode

Ep. 5: A Boy from the Cursed Temple

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Child of a Cursed Temple is the 4th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Rin strikes up a conflict with Ryuji Suguro due to their conflicting natures and learning styles. During a lesson, however, Ryuji claims that his goal is to defeat Satan, piquing Rin's interest, however the others merely laugh at him, causing the Reaper they're studying to spiral into a frenzy. Rin then saves Ryuji by scaring the Reaper into submission, earning him his respect.


Ryuji shows Rin his test marks

Ryuji shows Rin his test marks

Having been awakened by his teacher, Rin screams out, startled, but quickly apologizes; meanwhile, in the back of the classroom, Ryuji questions aloud as to why Rin is even in class, adding on for him to just leave. Looking back, Rin notes that Ryuji has been glaring at him and looks like a delinquent, but concludes that he won't get involved in petty fight now that he's going to be an Exorcist, though he daydreams and gets scolded, making Ryuji angrier. However, as Rin goes through his cram school classes, he finds himself unable to answer the questions, and when he enters Yukio's class, he gets his test back; Rin received a 2 out of 100. However, when Ryuji gets called up to get his paper, he receives a 98 and shows it off to Rin, citing that he couldn't do that bad if he tried. Rin, however, is baffled by Ryuji's score, saying that someone with an attitude like his doesn't score that high; Ryuji snaps and tells Rin that he's come to the school to learn how to be an Exorcist just like everyone else, and that someone like him doesn't belong. Rin replies that he's trying just as hard as everyone else, but Ryuji retorts that Rin has been asleep in every lesson; he is held back by Renzo and Konekomaru whilst Rin is held back by Yukio, stuttering that he's more of a practical learner, though Yukio tells Ryuji to carry on with his comments, causing Rin to turn and question Yukio as to whose side he's on.

Rin and Ryuji's rivalry

Rin and Ryuji's rivalry

Later, Rin, Yukio and Shiemi sit at a fountain, where Rin learns that Ryuji is attending True Cross Academy on a scholarship just like Yukio is. Yukio then leaves and Shiemi asks Rin if she truly belongs at the academy, to which he replies that everyone's different so she shouldn't worry about not becoming an Exorcist; Shiemi interrupts Rin and asks if he has any friends. However, before he can reply Ryuji and his friends arrive at the fountain and send Rin into a fervor, chastising him for bringing his "woman" to the academy. Rin tells them that Shiemi isn't his "woman" or friend and spits back that Ryuji can't go anywhere without Renzo or Konekomaru, calling him pathetic; Renzo laughs at this, causing Ryuji to wonder whose side he's on. The two young men then lock fierce gazes as their friends note how similar they are to one another.

Ryuji kicks Rin

Ryuji kicks Rin

A bit later, in their Practical Athletics class, Rin speeds past Ryuji as they are chased by a Reaper, causing both Ryuji and his friends to marvel at his speed; Ryuji however kicks Rin, causing him to stumble, but this also puts him at the mercy of the Reaper. Before the Reaper can attack Ryuji, the teacher, Kaoru Tsubaki stops the beast by pulling on its chain while yelling at the two boys for their reckless behavior. Rin and Ryuji, however, ignore him and continue to fight each other; their fight is quickly broken up. Kaoru then grabs Ryuji and pulls him aside to talk with him while Rin questions why it's just him. Renzo apologizes in Ryuji's stead and tells Rin that he has a crazy ambition; Kaoru tells him to stop getting into trouble in light of his excellent grades and informs him not associate himself with Rin, as he was let into the academy by Mephisto as a "special case". Meanwhile, Renzo tells Rin that Ryuji's goal is to become an Exorcist strong enough to defeat Satan, which Renzo laughs at. Konekomaru then walks up and tells Rin that all Ryuji's trying to do is rebuild their temple as it was destroyed during the Blue Night, which was a night in which Satan killed many of the world's prominent clergymen, scorching them with his blue flames, and that their temple's reputation was ruined because of it as it earned them the monicker "the cursed temple" and lost them many followers.

Kaoru then returns, but he gets a phone call from a woman he calls "Kitten" and tells everyone that they're taking a break from class, but before he leaves he tells them that the Reaper has the ability to read minds before it attacks, warning them to stay up above and away from the reaches of its chain. His leaving, however, angers Ryuji as he thought that the academy was a place where teachers took teaching seriously, as well as the students, giving Rin an angry glare as he says so. Rin takes offense to this and asks Ryuji what makes him think he isn't taking his studies seriously, to which he angrily replies his mannerisms. Incorrectly concluding that Rin is rich and getting special treatment, Ryuji dares Rin to go up and touch the Reaper and make it back without getting attacked. Finishing that if he's going to be an Exorcist then he shouldn't be afraid of a Reaper, Ryuji tells Rin that he'll touch the Reaper as well and that if he makes it back without being attacked, he'll consider him as someone with proper resolve; Rin tells Ryuji that his challenge is interesting, but declines it, as he cannot draw Kurikara in front of everyone. He tells Ryuji that he's not stupid enough to do something so dangerous as he has his own ambitions that he wants to accomplish.

Rin protects Ryuji from the Reaper

Rin protects Ryuji from the Reaper

Becoming angry, Ryuji shouts at Rin and calls him scared; he flashes back to the time when he was a child and was made fun of for being a child of the cursed temple. When some people made fun of his dad, Tatsuma put his hands over Ryuji's ears and told him that people say silly things sometimes, and that he doesn't have to take over their temple as he can live his life the way he wants to, though Ryuji wondered why he was laughing as he said all this. Ryuji then yelled at his dad that he's going to defeat Satan and rebuild their temple, which caused Tatsuma to laugh. This only made Ryuji angrier and he yelled that he's being serious. Back in the present, Ryuji yells at Rin, asking him why he doesn't fight and if he's bitter for what happened. Despite everyone's protests, Ryuji goes down to the Reaper and yells to everyone that he's going to defeat Satan, which causes them all to laugh at him. Their laughter brings him to angry tears, which gives the Reaper an opening to attack him; Rin jumps in front of Ryuji and intercepts the Reaper and scares it into submission with his demonic gaze. As he throws the Reaper off of himself, Rin asks Ryuji if he's stupid and tells him to listen, as he himself is the one who is going to defeat Satan. This sends Ryuji into a daze and the two bicker about ambition stealing. From the shadows, Yukio lowers his gun and internally concludes that Rin's power may be further out of control than Mephisto thinks.

The meeting of Demon Kings

Mephisto and Amaimon meet in the darkness

Later that night, Mephisto stands atop a half-constructed building and is greeted by Amaimon, who apologizes for his lateness; Mephisto returns his brother's greeting, noting that it's been quite some time since their last meeting. Moving right on to business, Mephisto asks Amaimon if he has an answer from father, which he says he does: Satan accepts his proposal. Upon hearing this, Mephisto devilishly states that that's wonderful to hear and asks Amaimon to tell Satan that he is carefully raising Rin under his wing and that everything is going splendidly. Amaimon says he understands, but asks Mephisto if he'll be coming home at any point soon; Mephisto dismisses Amaimon's question and tells him to not make their father wait. After he leaves, Mephisto looks out over his town and says that he has no intention to leave, as for a prodigal son such as himself, Assiah is the greatest toybox he could ever wish for and that the game is only beginning.

The next day, Rin begins to study (which earns him a mocking comment from Yukio), but finds himself unable to concentrate because of his bangs; Ryuji walks up to Rin and, much to Rin's surprise, thanks him for yesterday, giving him a hairclip to hold his hair up as he too has the same problem when studying at night. Rin then looks at Ryuji and tells him that he's creepy, which prompts Ryuji to become angry, telling Rin that he was trying to be nice to him.

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