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Exorcist is the 38th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Rin notices that fellow non-Exorcist classmate Sei Godaīn can see demons, and offers him solace in the fact that he, among others, can see them too. As Rin resolves to see what he can do about reversing Godaīn's mysterious contact with miasma, miles away, Arthur A. Angel and Lewin Light arrive in Yemen to deal with the revived Impure King and the woman that ate its heart to take control of its powers. Upon its defeat, Arthur meets up with the woman and is given an ominous warning, which he relates to the Grigori, before she dies. Whilst at the meeting, everyone is given the order to hunt these new "Demon Eaters" down while Mephisto is informed that Rin's execution is henceforth suspended. The next day, after Rin finds a disgusting letter from Mephisto in his locker, he hears Godaīn scream for help, and upon finding him, watches as he collapses.


Reading a book in class, Rin thinks back to the time when he couldn't see demons and didn't believe in their existence; wishing for their to be others to understand him, during attendance he notices a mass of Coal Tars floating about in the room, but becomes extremely surprised (after wishing for his normal classes to end and cram school to start) when Sei Godaiin notices the demon and subsequently experiences a panic attack. When the teacher also takes notice of this, Godaiin merely states that he was dreaming, earning him a witty remark from his professor. After class, Godaiin notices that the demon has been stalking him, and as he begins to experience fright again, Rin shows up behind him and tells him not to stare into its eyes. Realizing that Rin can see them too, Godaiin offers up surprise, but Rin shrugs it off and attempts to leave, however he changes his mind and instead asks Godaiin to come with him, which he does.

Outside, Godaiin questions why only they can see them; Rin corrects him and tells him that there are others who can see them too before asking whether Godaiin received a Mashō, which he denies. He then brings up the news of other kids seeing strange things around campus in the form of the Seven Mysteries of True Cross Academy, which he explains appeared after the summer break and have become a very hot topic amongst the kids. Surmising that around then was when he could see demons, Godaiin asks when Rin could; he explains that he's an Exorcist. Noticing that the entire situation is getting difficult for Godaiin to handle, Rin, taking note of Godaiin's unwillingness to keep seeing demons, resolves to ask one of his higher-ranked colleagues about Godaiin's anomaly. Godaiin then thanks Rin and calls him a nice person, and after exchanging more pleasantries, Rin informs Godaiin that he has cram school and leaves on a rather high note, excited that he may be able to make his first friend in a normal school.

Concurrently, thousands of miles away in Yemen, Paladin Arthur A. Angel and fellow Exorcist Lewin Light are called upon to deal with the other pet of Astaroth and sibling to the Impure King: the Impure Princess; which the locals explain has killed several people in the local village. Arthur offers the elderly man some solace in the fact that he will eradicate it, which prompts Lewin to spit sarcastic remarks at Arthur that go over his head. Another local explains the reason why the Impure Princess has been revived: someone snuck into the nearby temple five hours prior and ingested the two halves to its heart. Lewin likens the event to the recent revival of the Impure King, however the memory of hearing that Rin Okumura, son of Satan, had defeated the demon angers him, and he resolves to exercise his power as Paladin by defeating the Impure Princess alone, something Lewin wittedly agrees to.

Arthur then jumps down and wakes up his sword, Caliburn, and after sacrificing a lock of his hair, he defeats the demon in one slash. Noticing that a body was ejected from the carcass of the Princess, Arthur follows it to find a dying woman whom he promptly proceeds to question. Before any answers can be given, the woman is taken over by the miasmic powers of the Impure Princess and, before exploding, gives an ominous warning to the Exorcists present that soon, the days of harmony and enlightenment will be upon them; upon seeing her grotesque form erupt, Lewin tells Arthur that they must report immediately to the Vatican whilst Arthur curses demonkind.

Later, Arthur and Lewin deliver their report to the Grigori and other high ranking members of the Order, where Lewin states his desire to know whether or not Saburota Todo lost control of Karura after he ate it, as both demons have rapid cell replicating abilities, as well as to look out for demons with those same abilities, and ones that have the attribute of rot, in general. Lewin then concludes his account of the events by stating that these "Demon Eaters" are likely to reappear and by repeating the mysterious words of the woman. Shemihaza states in response to heed Lewin's words and take care in monitoring any pro-demon organizations or people, as well as to match demons that fit his description. Mephisto then chimes in and asks about Rin's death sentence, which he is told is henceforth suspended under the conditions that he be kept quiet and that the Demon Eater matter be prioritized, stipulations that Mephisto maliciously agrees to. The meeting then concludes with the order to hunt the Demon Eaters.

Mephisto then returns to his study and informs his butler to make the results of the meeting known to everyone; entering his study and sitting down, Mephisto explains that Assiah is always under attack by Gehenna's demons, and that Exorcists fight on that gray line, adding that soon it will become even grayer as "they" begin to make their move, which causes him to wonder whether the Order should follow suit by stepping forward.

The next morning, Rin laments over cram school being suddenly closed and Yukio not coming home; minutes later he is greeted by Renzo and Konekomaru. As he begins to ask them a question, Renzo notices a letter in Rin's locker and childishly screams that it must be a love letter, which causes Renzo to become extremely jealous. However, all three immediately express their disgust at seeing that the letter is from Mephisto, just as Ryuji walks over to them and says good morning. Rin then throws the envelope on the floor in a fit of embarrassment, but snaps back to reality when he hears Godaiin scream. Rin immediately runs to him, but as Godaiin calls out Rin's name upon seeing him, he immediately collapses.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Koks
  2. Caliburn
  3. Impure Princess

Battles & Events[]

  • None

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

  • Knight (騎士, ナイト, Naito)

Weapons used[]

Abilities used[]

  • Spectral Awareness

Techniques used[]

  • Angel Slash (エンジェルスラッシュ Enjeru Surasshu)

Items used[]

  • None


  • Mephisto once again exorcises his habit of breaking the fourth wall during his speech regarding the boundary between Assiah and Gehenna.


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