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Chapter 35



Umi wa Hiroina Ōkīshi

Translated Title

The Sea Sure is Vast. And Big, too

English Title

The Sea is Vast and Wide

Volume 9

Terror of the Kraken arc

Release Date

June 2, 2012

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The Sea Is Vast and Wide is the 35th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.


The chapter opens with a fishing charter off the pacific coast under attack from what appears to be a giant squid. The ship's crew are last shown screaming for their lives.


Back in Kyoto, the Exwires and Shura bid their goodbyes to the Shima and Hojo families and the members of the temple. Shura leaves Yaozo to pursue Saburota Todo when Mephisto calls her. Renzo says goodbye to his brothers, who all take turns abusing him in an amusing fashion, then Ryuji Suguro's father tells Rin that if he has any trouble with the sword, he can come to him for help.

As the gang arrives at the train station, Shura informs everyone that if they were hoping to return to the True Cross Academy, they are wrong. The team has been called to handle a small problem while the Upper Class Exorcists are busy. The team arrives at Atami Sunrise Beach to detain a Kraken that has been plaguing the locals, but the kids are more excited to check out the scenic summer spot and have fun. Only Izumo and Yukio hold back, the latter dressed and equipped for battle. Shura tells the group that the plan is to scatter human blood - courtesy of a blood bank - in the water to lure the Kraken to the beach. The higher Exorcists will fight the Kraken while the Exwires will deal with the Demon's offspring that come from its tentacles. The team is dismissed and everyone takes advantage of the beautiful water.


A siren signals the Kraken's approach and it suddenly emerges and destroys one of the helicopters dropping blood. Shura tells the Exwires not to go into the water until the Kraken is on the beach, but Rin takes a boat and dives in anyway to save the people from the helicopter crash. Shiemi accidentally falls into the boat with him, and Yukio joins them in the water to retrieve his brother. Yukio is angry that Rin has disobeyed orders and says he will not let Rin do what he wants, but Rin unsheathes his sword and severs one of the Kraken's tentacles, freeing the men from the helicopter. Then another tentacle knocks Yukio and Shiemi into the water, capsizing their boat. Suddenly, a bridge of coral reef appears, leading the three to an island. They reach it as the bridge crumbles where they dive underwater and enter the island.

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  1. Kraken
  2. Cat Sídhe

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