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Chapter 33




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Volume 9

Kyoto Impure King arc

Release Date

March 4, 2012 (JP)
July 30, 2012 (NA)

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April 2012

Anime Episode

Episode 36

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Obliterate (砕破 Saiha) is the 33rd chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

With the help of Ucchusma, Rin is able to defeat the Impure King and purify everything of the Impure King's bacteria. Also, for the first time, Rin is able to completely control his own flames.



Beginning of Kashou Zanmai

Ucchusma agrees to help Rin and imbues Kurikara, thus gaining a blue appearance. He instructs Rin to repeat the Mantra and Sutra that he is about to chant. This would thus summon 'Kashou Zanmai'(a type of self immolation).He tells Rin that with the power he possesses he can burn down and purify the whole mountain. Rin gets worried and questions Ucchusma about what would happen about the people who were still on the mountain. Ucchusma replies saying that it did not matter what would happen to the people and that it was a very trivial thing. He tells Rin that even a single infected person can revive the impure king and thus they must all be purified and burned down.

Rin begins to doubt whether he will be able to defeat such an enemy but then realizes that he must try his level best. Rin begins chanting and it appears that the words were instantly coming out of his mouth. After completion of the chanting he releases a big blue ball of fire at the Impure King with the help of his sword. This brings about fatal damage to the Impure King. Mephisto watches the complete scene from above in awe and excitement. Yet the power seemed to be insufficient and Ucchusma questions Rin as to why he was hesitating, and that he must put in more power. Rin puts in more power and feels as though the flames are about to burn him out. The resultant of all this is seen afar in the form of a radiant blue light. Everyone gazes at the light and are shocked by seeing such a high degree power of Kashou Zanmai which no one could even match. Rin continues to feel that the flames are devouring him. At that moment it is observed that Yukio begins to rush toward the scene.

Rin begins to think about his past and how his powers were repressed from the very beginning. It is then that he realizes that he is free and that he can do as he wishes with his powers. He decides that by burning everything to ash, it would prove his existence. At that very moment Shiemi's face comes to his mind and he remembers her words to him "I'm not afraid." All of his friends faces appear to him and he realizes that their trust was what brought him forward and that he must live up to their faith in him. Rin focuses his power and there is a sudden increase in the glow from the blue flames. The flames spread in all directions aiming to eradicate the Impure King's very existence. The power grows and the Impure King's 'castle' begins to burn to a crisp.Meanwhile, Shiemi continues her best effort to save Izumo stating that even though she is not strong enough to stop the prorogation of the bacteria, she is going to do her level best to save her friend. Due to lack of strength, her familiar disappears and Izumo tells Shiemi to stop trying so hard and that she must know her limits.


Shiemi begins to climb in order to get close to Izumo. Izumo begins to tell Shiemi that she truly hates her and that Shiemi should just leave her alone and go away. Shiemi tries to pull Izumo out of the rot and tells her that she does not really care about what Izumo thinks of her. Shiemi surprisingly succeeds in her effort and the both fall to the ground. Izumo shouts at Shiemi saying that she is truly an idiot. Shiemi responds saying that even if Izumo hates her, she really likes Izumo. Izumo remians in awe and then decides that they cannot waste much time and that they must go find the Head Priest. The blue flames suddenly begin to approach towards them quickly and Izumo gets frightened. Shiemi tells her not to worry. Shiemi closes her eyes and feels the flames warmth and immediately recognizes them to be Rin's flames. Elsewhere the other Exorcists try to run away from the flames. They also experience the same warmth and observe that the flames are only purging the bacteria and leaving them unharmed. The spray of the impure king begins to disappear and the ground is visible once again. Renzo and Konekomaru quickly rush towards the place where Rin and Ryuji are. Mephisto continues to enjoy the scene. He states that a blue Exorcist is born whose self imposed fate is to kill his own comrades.

Rin is then seen covered in blue flames panting out of exhaustion. Ucchusma tells Rin that everything has been purified and that he will be leaving. Before partin he asks Rin "I wonder which one you are. A human or Demon... One day you will have to decide." Shura arrives at the scene and asks Ryuji if he was awake. Ryuji asks her about what happened and she tells him to look at Rin. He rushes towards Rin and Rin turns to Shura and Ryuji. He makes a funny face and tells them that he was able to control his flames. He happily continues saying that there is a lot of fine tuning required but he is happy that he can finally decide what to burn. Shura remarks that it was not his first time succeeding in this aspect. Rin replies that this time it was on purpose and that all the other times it was unintentional. Konekomaru, Renzo and the other Exorcists arrive at the scene. Rin happily announces to Konekomaru that he was finally able to control his own powers and that he did not burn anything except the impure king. Shima explains that it was a weird experience being inside those flames. He tells Rin that it did not hurt at all and that all the bacteria were burned away. Yaozo Shima explains that all the people contaminated by the bacteria including himself were purified. Rin tells them that he felt embarrassed to be praised so much. Konekomaru breaks into tears and thanks Rin from the bottom of his heart for saving all those dear to him.

Renzo fools around with Ryuji saying that he was shocked to see Ryuji alive and that he was certain that Ryuji would have been dead by that time. Ryuji apologizes to Konekomaru and Shima for making them worry about him. Yukio arrives at the scene. He straight away questions Shura about why his brother was free from confinement. Shura teases him by answering "Because he apologized." Rin quickly boasts to Yukio that he saved everyone and that the day when he surpasses Yukio is getting closer. Yukio punches Rin in the face and shouts at him telling him not to be a fool and questions him if he even understands the situation he is in. Rin answers saying "I Do. I finally understood. I am...Satan's son. And i cannot run away from this power." Yukio remains shocked and Rin continues saying that he had always been scared to face and acknowledge this fact and that he realizes that, that was not good. Rin then loses his consciousness and has a vision of himself as a kid. In the vision he asks his father Shiro what he should do from now on. Shiro answers to him "Idiot. Thats something you should decide yourself."

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Ucchusma
  2. Impure King

Battles & Events[]

Rin vs. The Impure King (concluded)

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

  • Knight (騎士, ナイト, Naito)

Weapons used[]

Abilities used[]

Techniques used[]

Items used[]

  • None


ShonenJump Alpha 2012-07-30

Cover of Shonen Jump Alpha 2012-07-30 issue

  • Chapter 33 was the first chapter to be localized for serialization of the series in North America. It was published digitally in the Shonen Jump Alpha issue that was released on July 30, 2012.
  • The chapter was published for serialization one month after the last DVD volume (Vol. 4) of the first season of anime was released in North America.


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