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Chapter 2



Ani to Otōto

English Title

Big Brother, Little Brother

Volume 1

Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

Release Date

May 2, 2009

Jump Square Issue

June 2009

Anime Episode

Ep. 3: Brothers

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Big Brother, Little Brother (兄と弟 Ani to Otōto) is the 2nd chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Enrolling in True Cross Academy, Rin is guided by Mephisto on his first day of Exorcist Cram School. However, Rin quickly finds that he has been left in the dark his whole life: Yukio has been an Exorcist for two years and is one of his teachers. Beginning his studies on a heavy note, Rin and Yukio have a spat when the lesson goes awry, though they reconcile after a short while; Rin later discovers that his brother is his roommate and is to keep tabs on him at all times.


The next day, as Mephisto calls the day they're leaving one of pleasantry, a pink limousine pulls up next to Rin, surprising him. As Rin marvels at the vehicle, "Mr. Faust" is asked to take good care of Rin; Rin overhears this, prompting Mephisto to explain that in public, he goes by the name Johann Faust V: the principal of True Cross Academy. Confused, Rin begins to ask if Mephisto means the academy where Yukio is going to go, but is interrupted by his brother's arrival; Yukio expresses a form of surprise at being taken in by the principal of the academy and at being able to attend the same school as Rin. Confused, Rin angrily grabs Mephisto, claiming that he wanted to be an Exorcist, not a student at a school, but Mephisto replies that he needs to be quiet and study as his first step. Preparing to leave, Mephisto tells them that True Cross Academy is a boarding school and that they may not leave without his express permission. Asking if the two have said their goodbyes to their childhood home, Rin recalls fond memories of him, his brother and Shiro.

The group arrives at True Cross Academy

In the car, Rin thinks about how he hasn't spoken to Yukio since the funeral and that he hasn't told him about Shiro died; Yukio notices Rin's sour expression as Mephisto tells them to look out the car window and marvel at True Cross Academy. Telling the two to go to the auditorium to prepare for the inauguration ceremony, Yukio exits the car but Mephisto pulls Rin back and informs him that he forgot his uniform. Telling Rin that he'll be retrieved after the ceremony is over, Mephisto turns his head and remarks on Rin's skill at tying his tie.

Before the ceremony, Rin learns that Yukio is the representative for the first-year class and is shocked at his reception by the other first-years; Rin thinks back to their youth, a time when Yukio was always picked on for wanting to be a doctor and smiles at his brother's success. Walking by Yukio after the ceremony, Rin thinks to himself that his brother doesn't need to get wrapped up in such an intensive world. Later, as Rin is by his lonesome, Mephisto appears, apologizing for his tardiness. Rin immediately asks how he can become an Exorcist; Mephisto replies that he needs to attend a cram school and start out as a Page (a beginner Exorcist), as well as adding on that his exorcism lessons start today, rather than in two days like his regular classes. The, pointing towards Rin, the principal tells him to mind a few things: his identity as Satan's son is to be kept secret and his flames must be kept under check at all times. Counting to three in German, Mephisto turns into a dog whilst expressing his worry over Rin, stating that he'll watch him during his first lesson. Giving Rin the "key to the school", Mephisto explains that only he, not other Exorcists, can transform into a dog.

The teacher: Yukio

Using the key to access the cram school, Rin walks into his first class and takes note not only of the messy room, but also of the fact that the class is few in number. Suddenly, a voice calls out for them to quiet down: Yukio walks into the classroom dressed in Exorcist attire, greatly shocking Rin. Introducing himself as their Anti-Demon Pharmacology teacher, Yukio brushes off Rin's surprise and tells him to remain seated; Mephisto brushes off Rin's surprise as well, due to the impolite way in which he was spoken to. Moving on, Yukio tells them all to address him as "Mr. Okumura" in the context of exorcism studies, even though they're the same age. Beginning his lesson, Yukio tells those who have received a Mashō to raise their hands; when three do so, Rin asks Mephisto what a Mashō is, to which he is told that it is a Demon-inflicted wound that allows you to see Demons for the rest of their life—a thing which all Exorcist must go through as a "rite of passage"—though Mephisto notes that Rin doesn't need to go through one as he is half-Demon and can see them by nature. Continuing on, Mephisto tells Rin that Yukio is the youngest Exorcist ever and is a true Anti-Demon Pharmacology genius.

Yukio explains that their classroom is home to Goblins and is normally abandoned; when a girl asks if it's safe for them to be here, Yukio explains that Goblins avoid brightly lit, human populated areas and are only capable of being slightly mischievous, though he states that if they catch the scent of rotten animal blood, they become ferocious. Telling his class that he'll mix the blood with a small amount of milk to lure the Goblins out, Yukio's lesson is interrupted by Rin; Yukio firmly tells his brother to return to his seat, a thing which causes Rin to shout out in anger; Yukio tells Rin that his training began at age seven and that he received his Mashō when he was born and that he has been able to see Demons for his entire life, as well as adding on that Rin was the only one unaware. Angry, Rin grabs Yukio and angrily asks why he never said anything, an act which causes Yukio to drop the vial of blood, causing a horde of Goblins to come barging into the classroom.

Yukio blames Rin for Fujimoto's death

Noticing that the Goblins are a stronger variety, Hobgoblins, Yukio shoots the several that come towards him and tells everyone to exit the classroom. Telling his class that they have been driven into a frightful rage despite their general weakness, Yukio apologizes and motions to kill the Demons by himself, but Rin stops Yukio and shouts that they aren't done talking, as well as apologizing as it was his fault the Hobgoblins appeared, not Yukio's. Shooting the Demons, Yukio tells Rin that what he wants say will have to wait and that he, himself, has nothing more to say to him. Again angered by Yukio's attitude, Rin releases a flurry of flames and tells him to listen; Rin states that they haven't talked properly since Shiro died and asks how Yukio truly felt about him if he knew everything all along; Yukio replies that he considers Rin to be a danger to everyone and that he is a fool for wanting to become an Exorcist. Killing many more Hobgoblins, Yukio tells his brother that if he decided to become one out of some sense of guilt then he should just surrender himself to the Order or simply die. Shocked, Rin asks Yukio if he thinks that he is the one responsible for Shiro's death, a thing which Yukio confirms by stating that Shiro was the only one capable of preventing Satan from possessing him, and that Rin must've said something to weaken his state of mind. Pointing his gun at his brother, Yukio tells Rin that he was Shiro's only weakness and the he was the one who killed their father, not Satan.

Rin kills a Goblin

Shaking, Rin tells Yukio that he doesn't deny his own foolishness but tells him to never point a gun at him again; angrily drawing his sword and releasing his flames Rin shouts that they're family. Telling his brother to listen, Rin tells Yukio that he wasn't the one who killed Shiro and that he can understand if he isn't forgiven, but notes that there's no reason for a gun to be pointed at him. Rushing towards his brother, Rin yells for Yukio to shoot him; speeding past, Rin slices a Hobgoblin in half. Sheathing Kurikara, Rin tells Yukio that he'd never fight his own brother; lowering his gun, Yukio asks Rin what their father's final moments were like; Rin tells Yukio that they were amazing and that he's becoming an Exorcist so that nobody needs to die to protect him ever again. Hearing this, Yukio smiles and tells Rin that like him, he became an Exorcist to become stronger as well; Rin tells Yukio that that makes them the "idiotic duo", but his brother tells him that he'd prefer not to be compared to him as such.

Through the door, Rin's classmates ask how Yukio is, to which he replies that he's alright, but that the classroom isn't; Rin notices the burning wreckage of a room, prompting Yukio to call him dangerous, though Rin states that he just needs to learn how to control his flames. Gathering Rin's attention, Yukio tells him that if he truly aims to become an Exorcist then his prior words will always haunt him, and that he won't be the only one to tell him to die, a fact that he must be prepared for. Opening the door, Yukio apologizes to his students and tells them all to go to a different classroom to continue their lesson; Yukio calls out to his brother, and Rin, thinking that he's used to people hating him, runs after him.

That night, Mephisto calls Yukio and is asked what he thinks about Rin's power, something which Mephisto states will be useful against the Demons, though notes that it is heavily unrefined; Mephisto adds that when Rin learns to control his flames, Rin will become a powerful a weapon for the True Cross Order. In light of Yukio beginning to speak, Mephisto tells him that Rin will still need to be watched as if he is found out before he becomes useful, then he will be in danger. Stating that he is aware, Yukio remembers the day that Shiro asked him to become an Exorcist and protect Rin, and tells Mephisto that he will protect Rin in his father's stead. Hanging up the phone, Mephisto notes that Yukio is too tense and that the Order isn't all they have to deal with; Satan will soon be making his move.

Rin discovers Yukio to be his roommate

Rin soon arrives in his dorm room (Room 602) where he finds Yukio sitting at a desk, greeting him as he enters. Questioning what he's doing, Yukio tells Rin that instead of staying in four-person rooms like other first-years, he got permission to have a room all to themselves so that he may keep an eye on him. Comparing his situation to being incarcerated, Yukio happily exclaims that he is indeed Rin's "jailer" and that he needs to learn to deal with inconveniences if he wants to be an Exorcist. Seeing Rin's begrudging retort, Yukio tells Rin to start the assignment he gave him today; Unaware that they were given an assignment, Rin asks Yukio if he truly gave them one, prompting his brother to eye him in awkward silence.

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  • Welcome to True Cross Academy!
  • Rin Okumura & Yukio Okumura vs. Hobgoblins

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  • The chapter cover reveals that the school year for True Cross Academy started on April 8th.


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