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Discord is the 18th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo return home to Kyoto on assignment, but Ryuji still looks unhappy to be home; he needs to speak to his father, but can't find him anywhere. Although his father tells Rin he wants to make things right, he seems to be avoiding his son.


Torako scolds Ryuji

Torako scolds Ryuji

As the Exwires arrive at an inn in Kyoto they are greeted by a barrage of people shouting "Welcome Home" to Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo. Ryuji yells, insists that they stop because this isn't a homecoming and they just happened to be assigned to help here as part of their work as Exwires. Torako then calls out to Ryuji from down the hall, looking delighted to see him, but then she becomes angry and scolds him for dyeing his hair. She scolds him and they argue while the other Exwires watch, looking embarrassed and confused. Konekomaru and Renzo then step in to say hello to Torako, stopping the argument; she then notices the other Exwires standing in the doorway and introduces herself as Ryuji's mother. Rin exclaims in disbelief "This is Suguro's mother!?" and Renzo reassures him that she is, and also informs him that the inn is Ryuji's family home. This fact also confuses Rin as it was his understanding that Ryuji's home was the temple that had been destroyed. Torako explains to him that the temple was their home, but she took over the inn because the temple didn't bring in enough money and having the inn as a side business was essential.

Shura thanks Torako

Shura thanks Torako

As Izumo teases Ryuji about being a 'Bon-Bon', Shura arrives and offers Torako a small gift as a thank you in advance for taking care of them while they are in Kyoto. She then states that she has already exchanged greetings with the chief and will be heading over to the branch office; she also informs Torako that she will be leaving half of the Doctors at the inn to look after those who were affected by miasma. Before she leaves she gives all the Exwires their assignments for the day. She tells Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo to go see their relatives as this is the first time in a long time that they have been home; she informs Shiemi, Izumo, Nemu, and Rin that they will be assisting Susumu Yunokawa as he treats his patients. Just as Shura is walking out she points at Rin and tells him not to cause any trouble, and that she believes in him.

Yaozo hits Renzo

Yaozo hits Renzo

Torako then brings Ryuji, Renzo, and Konekomaru to see Yaozo Shima, Renzo's father; on the way she explains to them that his condition isn't great and, being the chief of the Kyoto branch office, she decided to put him in a separate room from the others that were also affected by miasma. As they enter the room Yaozo begins to sit up and Renzo goes to his father's side asking him not to, but Yaozo insists that he'll be fine in another two weeks and sits up anyways. As Yaozo complains about his current condition, Ryuji asks if everyone was badly hurt. Torako informs him that it's alright because everyone will recover and not a single person was killed. Ryuji states that it's good to hear and Yaozo interjects stating that, more importantly, he's happy to see Ryuji is doing well. He also turns to Konekomaru and thanks him for protecting Ryuji, even though Konekomaru insists that he didn't protect him at all. Yaozo then turns to Renzo and hits him over the head exclaiming that he didn't give him K'rik for him to go and dye his hair pink causing Renzo to apologize and say that what he did was thoughtless. Ryuji then asks where his father is, because he heard he collaspsed. Yaozo tells him that the high priest, Ryuji's father, had visited the branch office that day and was caught up in the incident, but that he is perfectly healthy now. Looking upset and angry, Ryuji asks his mother where his father is and states that he has something he needs to say to him.

Susumu stops Rin

Susumu stops Rin

Meanwhile, Susumu brings the other Exwires to the room where the patients are being treated and Izumo exclaims that there are a ton of people. Susumu tells the Exwires that they will be serving medical tea to the patients and refill the IV drips when they get low. Just as they start to head out and get to work Susumu grabs Rin by the back of the shirt and tells him to go collect trash instead. He soon grows bored and asks Exorcist after Exorcist for a task until he gets frustrated going around in circles. Suddenly he hears someone yell out to him, asking him for help. Rin gladly runs over to help the man that is dressed as a priest, whom asks him to help slice some watermelons to distribute to the sick and wounded. While Rin is slicing he notices that the priest is drinking early in the afternoon and the priest claims that he couldn't help himself. Rin smiles and tells the man that he's a fishy priest just like his dad, the man smiles back and says that he is such an interesting boy. The man asks his name and when Rin introduces himself the man looks concerned, but he goes back to smiling when Rin asks him who he is; he intoduces himself as Ryuji's father. They talk about how Ryuji is a good person and then Tatsuma gets up to leave telling Rin that he is glad to have met him.

Shiemi crying

Shiemi crying to Izumo

Meanwhile Shiemi is given a fresh pot of medical tea and told to bring to the person handing t out to patients, whom just so happens to be Izumo. Shiemi stands behind her and watches as she gently helps a sick man drink some tea, but then Shiemi accidentally drops the pot of tea she is holding right on to Izumo's back. Frantically, one of the Exorcist's in charge sends Shiemi out to the garden to collect valerian. Out in the garden, feeling hopeless and useless, Shiemi tries to summon Nee, her familiar, but they won't come out; Shiemi concludes that Nee won't come out because she is unreliable. Izumo come out to the garden and notices Shiemi was about to say something, so she tells her that if she has something to say just hurry up and say it. Shiemi then begins venting to Izumo about how she feels unreliable, she begins crying and then she yells that she just wants to become strong. Izumo tells Shiemi that she is amazed at her and that she already is strong, or rather she is shameless. Izumo continues on to tell her that she is as shameless and bold as a weed, which much to Izumo's surprise, Shiemi takes as a compliment because she loves weeds.

Juzo threatens Mamushi

Juzo threatens Mamushi

Back inside, Rin and Kuro, carrying three trays of watermelon, walk into a room full of people arguing. Meanwhile, at the Kyoto Branch Office, a man explains the Myōō Dharani sect to Shura and how currently, with the most high priest not fulfilling his duties, the Shima and the Hojo families are keeping order in the sect. Back at the Inn it is discovered that the people arguing are Juzo and Kinzo of the Shima family, and Mamushi, Nishiki, and Ao of the Hojo family. Their arguing escalates to fighting when Juzo pulls out a K'rik and puts it to Mamushi's neck; in retaliation, Mamushi summons Naga and the fight escalates even further to the point where it Naga is running loose in the bigger room full of the sick and wounded. Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo stop Naga by saying a chant and then Ryuji proceeds to scold them for fighting. He says that they are being targeted by the enemy so this is not the time to cause an interal discord. Mamushi reminds him that something like that needs to be said by his father or it counts for nothing, and although Ryuji agrees with her he becomes forlorn and walks away. Back at the branch office Shura sets her sights on the right eye of the Impure King.

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