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Cover 17
Chapter 17

京都へGo (ゴー) !


Kyōto e Gō!

Translated Title

Go to Kyoto!

English Title

Let's Go to Kyoto

Volume 5

Kyoto Impure King arc

Release Date

August 4, 2010

Jump Square Issue

September 2010

Anime Episode

Ep. 17: Temptation (Partial)
Ep. 18: Gufu (Partial)
Ep. 26: Small Beginnings (pages 5-23)

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Chapter 18
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Let's Go to Kyoto (京都へGo (ゴー) ! Kyōto e Gō!) is the 17th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

The Exwires board the train to Kyoto and discover that they still don't know how to work together. When they arrive Kyoto Branch Office they receive a warm welcome, but Ryuji Suguro looks unhappy to be returning home.


Rin Finds out he's Going to Kyoto

Rin discovers he's going to Kyoto

The next morning after the incidents with the Left Eye of the Impure King, Rin practices controlling his flames with Kuro by his side. Shura joins him on the roof and informs him that he, along with the rest of the Exwires will be joining the expedition to Kyoto. Later while at a train station Yukio and Shura discuss the current situation over a phone call and she complains about how early in the morning it is. After she ends her phone call, Rin excited asks Shura if they should bring snacks for their trip and she reminds him that this isn't playtime as they enter the train. Ignoring her Rin excited wonders if his classmates are already waiting on the train. Shura tells Rin to sit down and not go anywhere while she goes to a different train car, meanwhile he excitedly looks at a sight-seeing guide for Kyoto.

Izumo sits next to Rin

Izumo sits next to Rin on the train

Shiemi boards the train and is told to go to train car three to be vaccinated before they go to Kyoto. Before she goes to the train car Rin notices her standing there and happily says hello, but Shiemi confused on what to do shouts good morning then runs off. As she goes Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo pass by her all exchanging greetings. Rin attempts to talk to them, but they all ignore him seemingly afraid of him. Saddened by this and thinking that everyone sees him as a monster, Rin is surprised when Izumo chooses to sit next to him. As the train sets off the Exwires are briefed on the indcident of the previous day and informed of what the Impure King is; Shura also informs them that they are going to Kyoto to offer extra medical help and reinforced security at the Kyoto Branch Office of the True Cross Order. She then asks that everyone work hard together to make her job easier, just before falling asleep. Rin then asks Izumo if she is afraid of him and she answers by confidently stating that she is not afraid of him or anything for that matter.

Bariyon lands on Shiemi

A Bariyon lands on Shiemi

Izumo continues on to say that it is quite common for humans to be related to demons by blood, and the only reason certain people have a problem with Rin is because he is the son of Satan; a fact that she doesn't think is a problem because the Order would've killed him already if it was an issue. Rin thanks her for sticking up for him which causes Izumo to get flustered and angry. She starts yelling that she just really hates cowards, she quotes Ryuji and Shiemi and continues on to say that they are never there when you need them. Ryuji confronts her and a screaming match ensues causing all of the Exwires to receive the Bariyon punishment. Suddenly all of the Bariyon disappear except for one that lands on Shiemi's back pinning her to the floor. Renzo states that the only way to deal with Bariyon is to shatter them using high heat, so he attempts this and fails. Rin then attempts to lift the Bariyon, but notices that the harder he pulls the heavier it gets and so he decides to use his flames to incinerate the Bariyon. As his flames engulf both the Bariyon and Shiemi, she notices that the flames are not hot, just warm. Ryuji, assuming the flames are hurting her, grabs Rin and makes him stop.

Shura kills a Bariyon

Shura kills a Bariyon

After Rin stops his flames everyone notices that the seats in the train car have caught fire. Renzo begins to panic saying they should get the Exorcists to help, but Shiemi insists that they not make a big fuss of the situation. Izumo wonders if the flames can be put out with holy water and then quickly summons Ukemochi, one of her familiars, and puts the flames out with sacred wine, which she concludes is close enough to holy water. After the flames are extinguished, Rin confronts Ryuji about stopping him stating that he had everything under control. The fighting escalates and Konekomaru attempts to stop them by pushing them away from each other, when suddenly Renzo notices a Bariyon about to drop onto Ryuji's head. Luckily Shura was there to slice it into pieces using her sword. She angrily states that if they cannot handle small fry like Bariyon then when the real deal comes along they will all die. Calmly she then informs them that they will be arriving in Kyoto soon. As they enter the Kyoto Branch Office everyone there seems overjoyed to see Ryuji, but he looks less than thrilled to be there.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Cat Sídhe
  2. Naga
  3. Impure King (mentioned)
  4. Bariyon
  5. Byakko

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