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Chapter 16



Koto no Hajimari

Translated Title

The Cause of the Incident

English Title

When It All Began

Volume 5

Kyoto Impure King arc

Anime Episode

Ep. 26: Small Beginnings

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When It All Began is the 16th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

A mysterious masked figure has stolen the Left Eye of the Impure King. After discovering that there has also been trouble with the Right Eye, Mephisto orders the Exwires to join the expedition to Kyoto.


Satoru taken hostage

Satoru taken hostage

A young boy, named Satoru, is walking with his mother in the True Cross Academy Campus Town when they come across an Exorcist, who tells them that the area is dangerous and asks them to return to their home. However, Satoru wants to see an Exorcist fight and so he runs away from his mother and towards a group of Exorcists. Suddenly a mysterious, masked figure takes Satoru hostage and disappears with him into a building. Shura, Rin, and Yukio arrive at the scene and ask Saburota Todo to explain the current situation to them. He explains that the Left Eye of the Impure King has been stolen and that they had the culprit cornered until they took Satoru hostage. He also states that 31 people, including civilians, have been polluted by Miasma; in a panic Saburota claims that this is the worst fiasco in the history of the True Cross Order. Satoru's mother comes over to ask if her son is going to be alright and Rin foolishly promises that he'll bring her son back safe no matter what, but Yukio cuts him off saying that they cannot guarantee the safety of her son and then he tells Shura to leave with Rin.

Saburota and Yukio search for the boy

the search for Satoru

Yukio and Saburota get into safety suits and, with a small team following them, go into the building to look for the masked figure and Satoru using a canary that will stop singing when it senses miasma. While they are searching Saburota tells Yukio what exactly the Left Eye is and that there is also a Right Eye. Suddenly, Yukio notices that Rin followed them and Rin explains that he can't do nothing when he promised to save Satoru; he then offers to carry the bird. Soon after they find the masked figure and notice that Satoru is lying on the floor in critical condition, close to dying. Yukio draws his gun, pointing it at the masked figure, and warns them that is they take one more step he'll shoot. The masked figure disappears leaving the Left Eye behind; Yukio picks it up and discovers that it's fake when suddenly Saburota kicks him in the back causing him to fall on the floor.

Saburota reveals himself

Saburota reveals himself

Saburota removes his suit and reveals that he is a demon. Thinking fast, Yukio orders Rin to take Satoru outside, but he is stopped by Saburota; Saburota then attacks Yukio and pins him to the ground. After rambling for a few moments Saburota says that it's time for him to leave and disappears into the shadows. Yukio then rushes over to Satoru and notices that he needs medical treatment right away. After administering a vaccine, Yukio carries the young boy out of the building and hands him to his mother. Mephisto and Shura arrive and announce that the genuine Left Eye has been stolen and that there has been some trouble with the Right Eye as well. Later on, Mephisto tells the Exwires that they are going on an expedition to Kyoto.

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